Wednesday, February 15

How to get WoW tokens much cheaper.

Heres a short little guide on how you get your WoW tokens "cheaper" than usual.

I know the tokens are exactly the same price on every server, but gold is not.

What I've done lately, is become much more active with selling Battle pets, and with battle pets, you'll be able to get your tokens cheaper. How? Glad you asked!

  1. Download TradeSkillMaster addon, or open Theunderminejournal or any similar item price check site. 
  2. Log on your main server, with all your fancy gold, and head to the auction house. 
  3. Search for /battle pets in the Shopping section of TradeSkillMaster, and look through the pets. When you hover above them, you will see the price on your server and "Region market value". Region market value means how much the pet sells for on other servers. If the pet sells high on other servers, buy the pet. Rince and repeat until you have spent a horrifying amount of golds. 
  4. Use/Learn all the pets. 
  5. Log out, and check on Theunderminejournal, for which server your newly bough battle pets sells for the most gold. 
  6. Make a new character on that server, or if you already have a character there, just login, and head to your closest auction house. 
  7. Cage all the pets you bought on your main server, and voilah you have transferred a ton of gold in pets, cross servers. 
  8. Sell all the pets on the new server, for much more gold than what you bought it for. 

Right. So to explain what I mean with getting the wow tokens much cheaper. With this method, you basically spend say 100k on one server to buy pets, and resell them for 250k on another server. Easy 150k profit, and basically means you can buy 2-3 tokens instead of 1 with the 100k investment, with only like 5-10 minutes of work.

This doesnt go good for a gold making guide, unless you plan on moving servers or selling gold on other servers or whatever, so the token is the best thing I can think of for usage of this method.


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