Wednesday, March 22

Good Legion Skinning Spots

Here are the 3 top spots that I have used for skinning (blood of sargeras) farming:

***All 3 of these locations can be farmed for hours and hours with no down time at all thanks to the handy realm-hopping ability we have. One day I think I spent like 8 hours doing nothing but farming the seals at the 3rd location, ended up making bank with the leather when I sold it all on the AH. That's a nice bonus if all you are doing is farming bloods of sargeras.***

Pretty sure I've seen the first spot posted about on here before but couldn't find the post, and I don't think it had any pictures of anything. But anyways here you go...

Things you will need:
- A brain
- Enchant Gloves: Legion Skinning
- The Skinning profession
- Patience
- Tanking class works the best, but pretty much any class with strong AOE and some self heals can handle all of these spots.

Location 1:
- "The middle of nowhere" (literally exists in between regions in the middle of the ocean).
- Clubbing peaceful seals to death on an island.
- Shit load of stonehide leather and bloods of sargeras.
- Potential to level up skinning fast as hell (and get seal blood all over your coat you sick bastard).

This one is kind of a pain to get to unless you use a goblin glider from Dalaran. Basically you just jump off Dalaran in the hole in the wall near the flight master (see image below):

Once you are gliding, just head to the area marked on the map in the image below (get as close to it as possible):

Here is an image of the actual island you will be aiming for that has all the seals on it.

Just kill all the seals skin them and realm hop to another server to get all of them to respawn. Rinse and repeat. Easy.

Location 2:
- Area west of Challane's Terrace where there is usually a World Quest to cull falcosaurs.
- Easy to get to, literally like 200 yards west of the flight path.
- Easy to group a bunch of them up and AOE down
- If you farm these when the World Quest is there they respawn fast as hell
-Once again, potential to level up skinning fast as hell.

Here is an image of the location on the map:

Here is an image of a shitload of dinosaurs that you can kill:

Location 3:
- A small island South-west of the falcosaur spot with more seals on it (Blizzard really hates seals in this expansion).
- Easy enough spot to get to if the falcosaur spot is crowded or you just want to kill some seals.
- The seals are pretty much perfectly grouped up already and they are sleeping so its easy to sneak up on them with your club.
- Potential to level up your skinning level fast as hell.

Here is an image of the location on the map:

Here are some images of the seals on the island:

Here is an image of what I looted and skinned after 2 pulls (literally took like 3 minutes and most of that time was spent skinning):

What are some locations that you guys have found to be amazing for skinning? Would love to hear about them.

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