Tuesday, May 9

Power-Level your Followers 100-110 (Bonus: Chars)

So, many people are leveling their Twinks with Invasions. If you're like me, you'll end up with many fresh 110's that have ilvl 700-750 and no clue how to get to end-game very fast.

Now, assume you just dinged 110 and you havn't done that many orderhall questlines.

What you gonna do:

  1. Sent a Artefactknowledge to your fresh 110.
  2. Do the Broken Shore Questline until you have access to the current building. (This can easily be done with ilvl 7xx and semi-afk, since you get process from NPCs)
  3. Buy the Tokens for 500 Nethershards and get yourself to a higher itemlevel (~830).
  4. Go to the Brawlerguild and kill the first boss. Leave afterwards.
Now you will have a Brawlerguildmission which takes 3 hours to complete and Rewards 3000 EXP.

This misson will start a questline for the best Follower in the game and is also somewhere bugged.
I suggest you to start and complete this misson from the legion companion app. (This worked for me alot of times). After completing this mission, it will reappear in your mission table. (I don't know, if failing or succeeding matters). It worked 2 times for me so far, so I have the same questitem in my inventory.

The thing is, your followers will get alot of exp from this misson. Simply put 3 Followers (lowest level possible) into this mission and watch them getting 2-3 Levels after 3 hours. Repeat as often as you can.

(Even if it doesn't bug out, you still have gotten a huge chunk of EXP for your low level followers). Keep in mind, that many missions only give ~500 EXP at lower levels and may take up to 12 hours to complete.

One last hint: As far as I have seen, Follower Exp won't be declined if:
  1. You fail the mission
  2. You're completly underleveld
  3. You're %win chance is really low
This means, if you want to powerlevel, all you need are missions, that are short and rewards a shitton of EXP. Level, ilvl or anything else, does not matter.

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