Sunday, July 2

Tauren Death Knight at Denver Comic Con

The dude who made it entered it into the cosplay competition at DCC and won best in show last night. Some facts he gave us about the setup in his winning speech:
  • It took 700 hours to make and he started on it 3 hours after last Denver Comic Con
  • It's fully rigged with animatronics, using 3 arduinos. When he moves his fingers, mouths, eyes, etc. the costume will make corresponding movements
  • hIt has subwoofers that make rumbling sounds when it walks

Some other cool things that I saw when he took it off later: The entire costume's shape and strength looks like it's actually made from a grid-lattice of welded metal? It comes apart into about 20 different pieces and looks like a bitch to transport to the con and put on, but I bet you could get that much just from the photo above.

Surprisingly though, there was another costume that may have been bigger than this. It was the Nier:Automata (sp?) choir robit. About all I can say as I haven't played it, but it also won a 1st place in craftsmanship I believe
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