Friday, October 20

Stacking healing regen buff

Item "Shadowberry Juice", Shadowberry 
Binds when picked up
Use: Heals you for 2% of maximum health every 5 sec. for 1 min. (10 Sec Cooldown)

This consumable can be exploited by getting multiple buffs at once like this:

How to
The trick is the same old trick to get multiple buffs on at once: 'In your bag if you have multiple Shadowberry juice in one stack. Use one, then drag and drop 1x from that stack to an individual slot in your bag and click that buff once the cooldown is over'.

Where can I get Shadowberry Juice
Shadowberry Juice is a consumable from the rare mob "Mother Om'ra", Shadowmoon Valley(Draenor). The mob has a 100% drop chance on this item, you get a guaranteed 1-3x of Shadowberry Juice per kill. This mob respawns at around once per minute so getting a few of this is not a big problem.

Side note
This exploit is quite garbage, due to the limitation of the internal cooldown 1x per 10sec. Buff duration 60sec. So in practice you can only have 6x buffs on at once. 12% Health regeneration per 5sec. Can not be used in instances/raids.

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