Tuesday, January 16

Skipping Dreamwalker & Sindragosa Gauntlet in ICC is still possible for Hunters

So.. I've missed this easy skip since Goblin Glider was disabled indoors & determined to see if they took any other measures & it appears they did not.

For those who don't care to watch the video here's an explanation.

It is essentially as simple as Disengaging then waiting for it to come up a second time & Disengaging again.

Your main goal being thoughtful about where exactly you'll be moving since you can't control the path any longer after using Disengage.

1. Clear to & kill Blood Queen

2. Where you used to Glider through the wall for those of you familiar with that you'll facing the opposite direction but still going through the same area with Disengage now.

3. Your Parachute should last through both Disengages so as it starts to get near coming off cooldown plan your 2nd Disengage & orient yourself as needed.

4. Click off the Parachute buff if you want to drop down sooner than the buff will expire & be careful not to let it take you through another wall ;-)

Notes: A useful Disengage + Parachute Macro:
/cast Disengage
 /use 15

Personally I've done it from ether side of the opening so long as you don't Disengage the moment you jump down you should make it. I prefer the slightly further away side to give me a few more moments for Disengage to come up a 2nd time.

For those of you not super familiar with Disengage especially with respect to also triggering the Parachute..

It may very well be my sole opinion but I say it is very helpful to actually jump down the hole not just walk over it.

I was also experimenting with Feathermanes & their Updraft ability which still works Indoors including instances.

Unfortunately the ability would not allow me to pass through the wall so it wasn't so useful in this exact case but.. food for thought ;-)


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