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2018’s Critical Tech Stock to Watch

2018’s Critical Tech Stock to Watch

2017 was a wonderful year for technology stocks, for cryptocurrency and other similar online investments. In November, it was reported in the USA News that its first tech picks for 2017 had crushed the market,  and this year seems to be going in a similar direction. With the stock market hitting record-highs recently, there is no time like the present to start investing.


This tech giant shines when it comes to capturing data by means of its online network of millions of monthly active users, and this will be a factor in the company continuing to flourish for many years to come. These days it is difficult for any kind of business to survive without some sort of exposure on Facebook, and this goes toward creating sustainability over the long-term. Growth across the universe of Facebook shows no signs of slowing down.


Look out for Amazon continuing to make big gains in the upcoming year. As large as it may be now, it can be said to be simply having laid its foundations over the past two decades. The company has now got its tentacles in almost every area of our lives, including the Web, smart home, media, and, now, grocery, and will keep on giving us more of exactly what we want more quickly. This will continue to be reflected in its stock price going forward and returns could be as big as the jackpots that the online slots Canada have on offer.


As a cloud computing growth engine with a more than reasonable valuation, Microsoft stands out as a top tech stock to purchase in 2018. Its cloud platform, Azure, has been doubling its revenue over the past few years, and is continuing to enjoy rapid growth. It is a great time to buy Microsoft stock.

Snap, Inc.

Snap looks likely to keep dominating over an ever-increasing audience, and it has recently become a very appealing acquisition target for bigger companies. It is going to be worth buying this stock this year just to see in which direction it is headed in terms of acquisitions.


Tesla does not look likely to slow down any time in the foreseeable future. With the arrival of its new electric semi-truck, and the fact that the Roadster has returned, along with an increase in production of the Model 3, Tesla looks likely to keep climbing. The Boring Company, belonging to Elon Musk, which is currently testing the underground highway, will also assist Tesla, thanks to the fact that it is geared towards Tesla divers.

Weibo Corp

Weibo Crop is viewed as just another social networking site from China, and this an extraordinary undervaluing of the company relative to the potential it has. Weibo Corp should be benefitting from the Chinese economy experiencing accelerated growth, with Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, already owning more than 30% of Weibo stock. Alibaba can boost its traffic greatly by using the social network to advertise as much as it may want to.

The Best Way to Invest

The purchasing of stocks remains one of the best possible ways to invest your hard-earned money. The reason savvy investors are choosing the companies that made it through onto this list is that they currently providing the highest possible returns to those who take the leap.

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