Sunday, March 11

Exalted with The Consortium in less than a few hours EFFORTLESS!

The most efficient way of doing this is going to Mana-tombs in outland, put 5 man instance on heroic and kill every mob up to last boss. Now when at last boss simply just aggro him and go afk.

He will spawn some lightning spawns which after 5-10 sec turns into Ethereal Apprentice's. These gives 21 reputation with The Consortium.

REMEMBER to use your guild banner which yields 10% more reputation increasing every Ethereal to give 24 reputation per kill. Now just go afk and hit the keyboard once every 20-30 min to not cause your game to afk --> logout. About 1-2 hours later put down banner and hit 1 aoe spell, boom exalted. Easy as it gets! Here is a picture to show you how it looks like after just 20 min afk.

While you wait you can open up a hearthstone game and enjoy getting rekt by noobs while waiting hehe.

I can confirm that riding the DMF carousel gives you an extra 10% to reputation for an hour. It limits us to only being able to afk for roughly 45 mins before we have to put down banner and AOE, otherwise the 10% buff wears off

Happy hunting

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