Wednesday, April 25

With Legion coming to an end, thank you Blizzard. You truly did an outstanding job.

Not going to lie, after WoD i got had my doubts about the future of the game, but i think most of us can agree that even though Legion had its problems (early xpac AP grind, random legendaries, pvp) its one of the best expansions that WoW has ever had. From the amazing Suramar story and mythic+ to the constant stream of new content.

Heres for another awesome expansion filled with even more awesome things to explore and bosses to defeat!

Legion has had its problems for sure and some design directions should have been corrected after WoD.

However Legion also did a lot of stuff really well. Mythic+ has made dungeons relevant again like they have been in classic and BC. Storytelling and Leveling has improved a lot and you felt very engaged to the world.

Legendaries, while the implementation was bad, spiced up classes a lot and some of the things learned might be benefiting us later.

So yeah Legion might not be the best expansion, but it was deffinately a worthy one after BC and Wotlk.
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