Tuesday, May 1

Resurrect on the spot, without running back

If you ever find yourself dead, and don't want to run back to your corpse, do the following:

  1. Don't release spirit. If you have, you already failed.
  2. Start logging out of the game and pay close attention to the timer. (Use the Quartz add-on in 2 decimals for better tracking)
  3. Just as it hits below 1 second, around 0.7 - 0.6 seconds left, release your spirit. 
  4. You'll see your spirit arise from your corpse, but at that same time you will already have logged out. 
  5. Log in, your spirit will now be above your corpse, and you can resurrect on the spot.
Now here's where this gets a bit interesting. I've tested this in instances and it seems to work differently. As many of you know, in an instance, you cannot walk around in spirit form, however with this exploit you are able to walk as your spirit inside the instance. The only problem is, you can't resurrect as a spirit inside, as it will give you the message, "run inside the instance to retrieve your corpse."

There is a slight work around though, which is, for explorers, if you queue a BG before dying, then do this exploit and you're in the instance as a ghost, you're still queued for the BG.
Wait until it pops and you can enter and leave right away, resurrecting you wherever your spirit was when you accepted it. ( I could be wrong on this, don't know if you'd be teleported out of the instance or not )

If the BG method doesn't work, there is another method that might work but would require someone with resurrect. You could do the same trick but instead of releasing spirit at the last second, you could accept resurrect at the last second. Thing is, when you release and when you first resurrect, your location isn't moved instantly. It takes a split second to actually update, so I'm wondering if this would work the same with a resurrect to resurrect at the spot you were at without being teleported to the person.
This might have some interesting used to bypass death barriers such as the one in Eye of Azshara, as your spirit can't be attacked by the shark.

Another thing which I haven't tested was using this in Legion instances that contain a different zone ID when you escape. For example, escaping from CoS will say you're in the actual zone on the map, (such as if you're in the instanced Highmountain, it'll say you're in the actual Highmountain), but if you do this exploit, will you spawn in on a Gryphon? Will you be able to fly on the spirit gryphon and fly up to the instanced Dalaran in the sky? If that's the case, you can really do some interesting explorations with this.

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