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AH preparations for Uldir raid

Most of this is common sense and can be found on various sites/reddits but considering lots of people are not aware of some stuff I want to share my personal strategy while we have time to actually use it. I didn't want to post in public part of forum due to leechers and ppl going ham on any decent AH tip, but if you think this is not place to post this please move it to proper section.

So lets begin;

I tried to detect stuff that will be in high demand after raids and mythic+ opens, in combination with rarity some markets can be really profitable, my focus is on this:

- Midnight Salmon [item=162515]
- Anchor Weed [item=152510]

My internal name for those 2 is "green Jesus fish and weed of BfA"

Midnight Salmon - Rare fish needed for feasts, will be in high demand since its only source to craft 75/100 stats food, drop chance is joke almost sad and laughable as Trump tweets but on positive side you won't cause any war or diplomatic incident catching it: The catch rate is around 3-5% from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am and around 1% from 6:30am to 6:30pm. Why it will go up in price? Sole reason is f***** fact its so hard to get, average catch rate is around 5-7 pieces per hour maybe more if you are lucky. For example I play on Ravencrest EU, one of largest EU realms, current count on AH is below 1k pieces which is enough for 500 feasts. My guild burns trough 50+ feasts on progress night so imagine and do the math.

Anchor Weed - Did i mentioned word RARE? Rare spawn on picked nodes of usual herbs. Talk about rarity, yes. You want flasks? You need THE Weed, visit your local dealer, higher chance he has better supply than your in game realm. I'm not even kidding, with count under 5k on my realm where you need 5 with lvl 3 recipe this supply is enough for 40-50 ppl and 1 lockout of raid and mythic+ progress. Prices already going up, like I said, buy low and sell high. Simple.

Now we go to my 3rd pick;

- Battle-Scarred Augment Rune [item=160053]

Battle-Scarred Augment Rune - You want to raid? You need this. You want to do high keys and mythic+ farm, well imagine, you need this. Any serious group or raid will require this. With under 1.2k count on my realm market its not even enough for first day of raiding and mythic+. Have I mentioned it doesn't persist trough death, oh boy. If you don't want STDs wear Blizz made protection, yeah. Makes you stronger in process

Now we come to my 2nd tier I'm stacking, flasks and stat pots (ignoring stamina pot here for simple reason that its not special), most of 'em are sold below crafting cost since there is no demand for it on market atm (no raids, no mythic+);

- Flask of the Currents [item=152638]
- Flask of Endless Fathoms [item=152639]
- Flask of the Undertow [item=152641]
- Flask of the Vast Horizon [item=152640]

- My operation for flasks is simple, If its below 1.8k buy and stash it. Prices will double in week or two due to lack of mats and high demand, its that simple.

Stat pots;
- Battle Potion of Intellect [item=163222]
- Battle Potion of Strength [item=163224]
- Battle Potion of Agility [item=163223]

- Pots operation is simple, under 300g, buy and stash it. Selling 3 times below crafting cost, demand will be insane, be the dealer your neighborhood needs man, have supply ready!!!!!

- Also if other BfA herbs drop below 30g piece, stack em in stacks of 200 and hold onto 'em. Prices will go up.

Current state on my realm, Ravencrest EU alliance, one of largest EU realm;

Green Jesus DUO + Blizzard condom;

Flasks and pots;

Take in mind all things mentioned above are not for people that want to make gold from nothing, you need to have money for investment, and when you are investing, never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

Also, I expect prices to tank on bigger realms in first couple days due to lots of people clearing stacks, by the end of week and nearing in next reset it will skyrocket.

Item IDs in order of appearance in one place;

Code:162515, 152510, 160053, 152638, 152639, 152641, 152640, 163222, 163224, 163223

I just hope this little contribution will help someone to make extra gold in game. Thank you all for reading this


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