Friday, August 31

Hydrocore exploit

Using the item restoration system, via automated support, will allow you to restore a scrapped piece of 355 crafted gear. 

It quotes the cost of 15 hydrocores however, if you place your cores in the BANK (must be in the bank), it will not charge you the COD of 15 hydrocores. 

Thereby, allowing you to have an additional 15 hydrocores which will allow you to craft another piece of gear if you are behind or used your cores elsewhere.

Pretty straightforward.

  1. Craft a piece of 355 gear with hydrocores
  2. Scrap
  3. Place the hydrocores in your BANK
  4. Restore item via support
  5. Retrieve from mail
  6. Grab hydrocores from the bank
  7. Craft another piece or whatever you want


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