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Everything You Need To Know About Battle For Azeroth

World of Warcraft’s latest expansion was released in August, and while it’s already seen plenty of success, there haven’t been too many reviews released as of yet. The expansion, which is the seventh released by developed Blizzard, coincides with the company’s decision to make the six first expansions free to play.

Battle of Azeroth adds a lot to WoW, including new zones, new raids, new dungeons, as well as a number of new features. The level cap has been raised to 120, and it’s being heralded as one of the best times to jump back into the game, especially after the free expansion announcement, which is good news for players all around, much like winning the lottery at a casino no deposit.

The Story Thus Far

The plot-line for Battle of Azeroth has once again been centred on the Horde and the Alliance and their ever-ongoing war for dominance of the planet. Now that the Burning Legion storyline has come to a close, Blizzard has decided to draw on its roots and focus on what made the game popular to begin with for many: the big winner between two of gaming’s most famous factions.

Along with the storyline included in game, Battle of Azeroth comes with plenty of shiny cinematics, amazing voice acting, and a focus on making the game as friendly to single players as to groups. Gamers will want to get comfy when playing, as they’ll be whisked off to another world for a while!

The New Level Cap

The new expansion sees the level cap rise to 120, which is a 10 level increase over the 110 of Burning Legion. Level scaling has also been re-implemented into the game, which means that players will be able to level to scale in any zone that they wish; regardless of order. The full level scaling is only available to the new areas in the expansion, it should be noted.

Blizzard has introduced limited level scaling to older zones, meaning that these zones will now scale within a range of levels. While it has made levelling much more varied and interesting, getting to cap will still take a fair amount of time.

New PVE Modes

Two new PVE modes have been introduced, and will pit players against AI components that belong to the opposite faction. Island Expedition is the first, and includes three scenarios which will see the human team battle it out against their computer-controlled enemies. The main goal here is for a team to obtaining as many resources as possible within 20 minutes.

Warfronts is the second mode, and was inspired by Blizzard’s earlier strategy games. The aim of this mode is for players to collect resources, construct buildings, defend their territory, and eventually lead an assault on the enemy.

Artefact Weapons Replaced By Azerite

Burning Legion brought in Artefact Weapons, which players were able to customize. These have since been taken away, and replaced with Azerite, a resource used to construct and customise more powerful weapons. The Heard of Azeroth is the medallion needed to begin making use of Azerite weapons.

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