Tuesday, September 25

Saving Xibala - Cool Bug - Potential Exploit

I usually don't come across too much so maybe this could help someone create a cool exploit; no idea what it's uses could be but it's certainly interesting. 

On the Saving Xibala WQ in Zuldazar I was invited into a MOTHERLODE group while flying around on the Gryphon. I couldn't get the seige throwers killed (a current bug for a lot of people) so I just accepted the summon while flying.

When I loaded there was no instance portal, no summoning stone, or allies. The interesting thing was THERE WERE NO ENEMIES IN THE ZONE. I was able to herb and see nodes which was the cool part.

I thought about trying to accept a BG and see what kind of player state I was stuck in but accidenally de-loaded the instance by running to the West-Most beach by XIBALA. I can't re-accept the gryphon ride to try again because it's currently bugged and un-complete-able.

Not sure what use it could have but maybe someone can play around with it and post here.

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