Tuesday, October 9

Item Dupe - 300-600k/hr

I'm going to share with you a working dupe that I've been using successfully over the last few days, hopefully we can all jump on the bandwagon before it gets fixed!

The minimum expected profit from this method would be 300-600k+/hr

First of all, credit to 'forgotoldaccountlol' for bringing to my attention recently that one of the world quests has a sharable tag... we are going to take it to the next level!

What does it involve?
  • We are going to be taking advantage of the fact that "Cutting Edge Poultry Science" currently has a "sharable" tag.
  • The quest allows you to simply turn it in at Booty Bay for the "Vengeful Chicken" pet. 
  • It is only repeatable once, and you must be level 110 to use it, so we will be abusing the "class trial" mechanic.
  • These pets sell for a minimum of 60k as a LEVEL 1, GREEN pet, meaning that if you were to upgrade that pet it would sell for MORE.
  • The supply of these pets is limited, they cannot be farmed (unless you use this duping method), which means that the prices will always remain HIGH, so before this is fixed bank up as many as you can!

What will I need?
  • This will be easier with 2 accounts, but you can also do this with a mate if you like.
  • You will need a fresh copy of the BFA expansion that still has the 110 upgrade token, enabling you to use the "class trial" mechanic.
  • This works best on Horde, but it is still feasible on Alliance however it will be slower.
  • You will need a character that has the "Cutting Edge Poultry Science" quest, which is the final part of the chain quest from the WQ "Witchy Kitchen".

-- WARNING, as this is duping items there is always the possibility of a ban, just bear that in mind --

The method:
  • Have your main character or the character that has the quest in their quest log parked in booty bay.
  • Create a new class trial character, and have your main invite him to a party.
  • Immediately when you enter the game on the trial, hearth, then head to the zeppelin for Stranglethorn Vale/Grom'Gol (can be optimized for extra speed if you have a warlock willing to help with a lock closet).
  • When you arrive in the zone, fly down to Booty Bay and have your main share the quest. 
  • Hand in the quest on your trial, then use the bind on pickup "Vengeful Chicken".
  • On the trial, go to your pet journal and cage the chicken. It is now BOE and can be traded! 
  • Mail it/trade it/whatever you like, delete the trial, then rinse and repeat!!!

The whole process should take 5-10 minutes. You could dupe one chicken pet in 2-3 minutes if you have access to a Warlock Summoning Stone.

60k minimum each, at least 10 chickens an hour.... you do the math!

Jump on this quick guys as usually with dupes they are pretty quick to fix them, so fill your bank while you can.

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