Monday, February 11

At this point, I feel like the majority of the players in Goldshire are just trolls who exist purely for stuff like this.

When I do dungeons on alts while leveling I love to just sit in Goldshire. It’s a great way to pass the time waiting in que. The ridiculous stuff you see in /say and /yell, along with priceless whispers you can get really make the time fly. It’s pure, disturbing gold imo.

I have a friend who pays his rent through Goldshire on Moonguard (US) and Argent Dawn (EU).

The majority of the people there, as in Goldshire, are 30-50 year old married people using it to express sexual frustration. Stuck in an unhappy marriage but not wanting to be caught on tinder or some camsite, they use World of Warcraft to take out their frustration.

And as the Free Market has taught us, where there's a demand there's a supply. A lot of teenagers and young adults, both men and women, happily whore themselves out for these adults. In a twisted symbiotic expression of sexual liberation found within a rated T for Teens Video Game.

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