Sunday, March 24

Instant Tour of Duty - Any Zone

You are able to complete the Tour of Duty achievements
instantly with any zone.

This is available to a single character once per week. To do this, you must have the quest 'Victory in Wintergrasp'.

This quest, once having its requirements met, can be completed anywhere. So instead of immediately clicking it, head to the tour of duty zone you want your achievement in. Then you head to the zone you need Tour of Duty for, and turn in the quest.

Example: You have the quest and win Wintergrasp. In your quest hub ui, it says the quest is complete. You need Tour of duty: Drustvar. Fly out to Drustvar, then click open the quest and press complete. You gain 1500 honor instantly in that zone, and get Tour of Duty: Drustvar.

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