Tuesday, April 23

The Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt 2019

Can’t be bothered searching for the answers to the wowhead egghunt?

Well, here they are. Answers are below just click on the links, remember you'll need a wowhead acount to enter.

  1. Play loot simulator on Island Expeditions with this charm, which reduces your chance to be detected by enemies. This allows you to pick up all the Azerite without killing anything!
  2. Do you like jewels? This gem can only be picked up by tanks, but makes them unshakeable.
  3. This reward can be purchased from Warlords of Draenor Timewalking and may help you focus.
  4. Having three heads helps him be a boss in eating contests. However, the results might be fetid.
  5. Unlike other conches, if you listen to this one, all you will hear are dark whispers.
  6. Birds of a feather flock together, but this mechanical pet is one of a kind!
  7. If you're ever in Un'goro, watch out for dragons, devilsaurs, and Paladins from Northshire.
  8. This leaf is said to awaken anyone stuck in a dream.
  9. As the possession of a budding member of the peckletariat, you need a lot of money to get this pet.
  10. Eyes watching. All around. A gift of mine. In my world, they drown. To those who seek truth, will come to accept. And to those who cleanse, will hide in their dens.

Good luck to all, hopefully at least one of you wins something.

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