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Esports - the fastest growing sport in the world

If you don't know what esport is, you are probably missing the greatest growth story of our generation when it comes to sports. Esports is a competitive scene revolving around video games. One of the biggest influencers of esports scene is the games like World of Warcraft. These massive online multiplayer role playing games have been lighting the path for the growth of esports, regardless that the game (WoW) itself has never been that popular on the scene it helped grow.

Heir to Wow - League of Legends has tens of millions of players

If we are talking about online role playing games with huge player bases and stable scene in the esports world, there’s one that comes out of the top every. single. time. That game is none other than League of Legends. League of Legends is a game made by Riot Games and in 2014 it had over 67 million monthly players. That should tell all the things you need to know about the popularity of League of Legends. It is by far one the most popular games in Asia, but there are also some European and North American teams that are playing on the highest levels of League of Legends.

League of Legends is a game where two teams battle to destroy each others so called “base”. There are over hundred different “heroes” that all have special powers and can fit different play styles and needs very differently. Its up to the player and the team he or she is playing on, what heroes they want to use in the game. Along the way there is also turrets and other dangerous creatures that other team needs to destroy before they can get to the base.

The prize pools for major LoL tournaments can go up to tens of millions of dollars.

DOTA 2 - Valve isn't’ that bad, right?

DOTA 2 is a similar game to LoL, developed by Valve corporation in 2013. Some people are referring it as “the greatest videogame of all time.”. We’re not so sure about that, but to be completely honest, it is an amazing game overall. DOTA 2 is still after 6 years, one of the most played games you can play through Steam.

Esports paving the way for whole different world of sports betting

eSports betting is evolving as we speak and in 5 to 10 years it will be present itself in ways we’ve never could’ve imagined. Esports will be a key factor on this as it’s currently changing the way sports bettors and online casinos are viewing the industry. Online casinos have noticed that there can be weeks (major tournament weeks) where for example LoL tournament has a consistent viewers of hundreds of thousands through twitch. This means that there are A LOT of potential customers who’d like to place a bet on their favourite esport team. For more information, please visit where you can explore tens of different online casinos, all with various options to bet on esport matches and tournaments.

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