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Most Obscure Casino Games You Never Knew About

Casino games are great sources of entertainment. They are easy to learn and play, and you get to choose from a wide range. In addition to the fortunes and sizeable money can be earned while playing, you also get to make acquaintances with people from different walks of life.

While the more popular games like poker, slots, roulette and blackjack have great appeal; there are some obscure games that are equally fun. Moreover, all of them are available on BetAmo, brand new online casino.

Below are three obscure casino games you never knew about.

• Sic-Bo: This is the perfect game for players who enjoy the varied and complex betting rules of roulette. Sic-Bo provides you with a unique way of playing. In Sic-Bo, there is an extensive betting surface, similar to a roulette board. On this surface, the dealer shakes three dice in a cage with the players betting long or short odds on the outcome of the spins.

The game is very exciting and you can try out a number of playing systems or even invent your own.

• Pai-Gow Poker: This is a great choice for lovers of poker, as Pai-Gow Poker is a brilliant twist on the regular game. In this game played around a half-moon table, all players are dealt 7 cards. The dealer is also dealt 7 cards, after they all play against the dealer. This leaves everyone having to make two poker hands with the 7 cards.

The players collects on their stake if they beat both of the dealer's hands, and vise versa. This game allows players test their knowledge of poker, outsmarting the dealer by arranging their cards in a great way.

• Casino War: Casino War is developed based on classic card game War. It is one of the easiest casino games around, and also the most rewarding with the win rate over well over 50%. The game is quite straightforward, the dealer and player are dealt one card each. If the player's card is higher, the player wins; if the dealer's card is higher, the dealer wins.

War ensues in this game in the case of a tie. If the cards of both player and dealer has the same value, you have the choice of 'surrender' or going to 'war' with the dealer. Choosing to surrender means you forfeit the game and have only half of your wager returned to you. Going to war, you must place another bet equal to your first stake, for a chance to win on the starting wager.

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