Tuesday, September 24

AntiAFK as a Hunter

What i have found out so far by playing my Hunter to level 60 

Here's step by step Guide:

  1. Be a Hunter (Req. level 14)
  2. Have something to Drink / Eat / Shadowmeld
  3. Cast "Eyes of the Beast" -> after approx. 40% of Castbar Klick on Food / Drink / Shadowmeld.
If sucessfull, you can Control your Pet, while the Camera Stays on your Character.

This means infinite Time of controlling your Pet (normally max. 1min). Aswell as no AFK or Logout.

The Reason is, imo, that the Server thinks your still using a Cast.. or under a spell..

It also allows you to send your pet (while YOU are controlling it) on players, npcs etc.. And be out of combat at the same time.

Your Hero can cast, mount, shoot, lay traps whatsoever.. everything except move (Only with Shadowmeld because of Standing / siting)

Thanks and Enjoy classic

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