Monday, September 30

How I turned 2g into over 200g in the last week with proffesions EVERYONE can get

I am going to share below my top three flips that can be done by ANYONE because they are done with secondary professions.
  1. I have been buying silk cloth on the AH for as low as 1.6silver each on my server. I then turn it into heavy silk bandages or silk bandages if I have an odd number. These sell directly to the vendor for 2s per cloth and I have made over 100g with just this strategy. I generally buy all the way up to 1.9s a cloth and then walk away and wait for the mark to get pushed back down again.
  2. Raptor Flesh into Roast Raptor I have been able to buy hundreds if not thousands of Raptor Flesh at 1s each now that everyone is getting into STV and Arathi Highlands. I then cook this meat into Roast Raptor using one hot spice (38c st the vendor). these sell for 3s to a vendor and the cost is under 1.5 silver for an easy 1.5+ silver profit.
  3. Raptor Egg same idea as above but these only sell to the vendor for 1.5 silver so I try and pay 50c for the eggs as the hot spices are 38c in my home city.
  4. A fourth bonus tip is Mystery Meat, idk why but people on my server are posting for 90c these are the same as the Raptor flesh and sell for 3s each to the vendor once cooked into Carrion Suprise.

I have gotten my cooking to 259 and first aid to 240 all while just making money. As people level and get into new areas they find different meats and I keep being able to flip them at a profit. I have a couple of other strategies that I have been doing and keep just writing them down on a notepad when I find them. I then just check the AH for each mat when I run back and buy up the market before going back out questing and waiting for it to reset.

I urge you as a community to share your ideas after making money for a few days. There are a bunch of servers and no one is online 24/7 so there is room for everyone to get rich. If this post does well I will make a few more posts after making a bit more money on my new finds.

Happy gold making everyone, stack it deep stack it high.

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