Monday, September 9

Shortcut to Mage Trainer - Size Clips work in Classic - "Teleports in Stormwind"

The Good Old Fashion Size Clip works in Classic WoW. I have used the Elixir of Giant Growth potion to increase my height like on Retail WoW, if positioned and used under a ceiling and then relogging. You can Jump trough the Ceiling

It is demonstrated in this Video 

I'm also showing off ways to get conveniently from stormwind to other locations using the stuck function but keep in mind when doing this that you either have to have deleted your heartstone or it's on cooldown otherwise it will just use your hearthstone instead of killing you.

  • "Teleportation" Locations Included
  • -Stormwind - Westfall(Sentinel Hill)
  • -Stormwind - Burning Stepps
  • -Stormwind - Searing Gorge
There is also a Shortcut you can do to get to the Mage Trainer of Stormwind more quickly if you don't have or don't want to use a teleportation rune.

Everything is shown in the Video above.

I assume that some of you know about this stuff but i just wanted to post it here because i didn't see it posted yet.


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