Sunday, January 19

2(.5) Hunter Pet PVP Exploits

1) Tiny Frogs

The tameable hunter mobs known as Bufo (Rare spawn on Timeless Isle) and Marsh Gulper (Tanaan Jungle) are currently bugged size-wise, pic related, with the Spectral Cub companion pet to show the size difference.

They're incredibly small and easy to miss - visually seeing or mouse-targeting these is nearly impossible in a busy fight and coupled with the frog's ability for an increased dodge chance makes them good 'stealth' anklebiters to confuse your opponent. If you want one, I recommend going after the Marsh Gulpers first as they're quite plentiful against Bufo's single spawn, rare spawn timer.

1.5) Tiny Direhorns

Although no longer tameable, the Direhorns from Isle of Giants also suffer from this size bug if you were lucky enough to tame one.

As I understand it, the coding is bugged for all of these due to their models being the same as those used in Hex and Polymorph: Direhorn. The game thinks that a hunter pet that has these models is under the effects of the respective spell and sizes them as if so. It doesn't seem to work for all models, as the two other identical Toad models found in RFK and Spires of Arak don't go tiny, but other pets that are released may end up having these size issues too.

3) Catdog

The Twilight Prowler, found only in the Vulpera unlocking questchain in the Twilight Highlands, has the model of a cat and the abilities of a wolf. This is pretty useful as wolves are popular in PVP - the wolves ability Furious Bite is used to slow movement by 50%, so someone who sees a cat running at them won't expect this ability.


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