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The most successful social games

As online gaming becomes more popular, social games are also becoming popular especially on social sites like Facebook. Below are some of the top online social games you can enjoy. However, some best casino sites online do not offer these games yet.

Almost 10% of Facebook play Farmville which is a huge number considering that more than 2 billion People are on Facebook.

The game has a system where you can play with your friends on Facebook and by doing so your productivity shoots up.

Zuma Blitz
The game is centered on ball matching. The game also has a set of rankings and they are updated regularly, you will also get to see your friends’ scores on the top of the screen.

Words with Friends
With this game, you can play with friends instead of playing with a computerized opponent. You do not need to learn rules before playing this game, as it is just scrabble.

Mafia wars
The game lets you recruit Facebook friends to build your own criminal organization. The game is fun because it makes you pretend to be criminals and lets you fight other mobsters. The game works through a Facebook mob stimulator.

World of Warcraft
The game has characters from different backgrounds including those who come from rural settings. It also lets you interact with other players through online platforms or personally. You can be anyone you want on this game which is probably why it is successful. According to sports betting new zealand, the game currently has 12 million subscribers.

This amazing and exciting game has a lot of creativity. You can change characters each day and you can become a pizza maker today or become a truck driver.
Second Life game play

Second Life will allow you to create your own character; and you can live however, you want. You can even experience buying your own perfect or expensive property.

The game is mainly designed for teenagers. It centers on a hotel and it lets you create your own room. You can even hang out in other people’s rooms. There are also public rooms that were created for users to have interactions that are more social.

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