Tuesday, June 23

Apply Wraithchill and Void Edge Illusions to Some Ineligible Weapons

This is a VERY minor exploit, but it's still a nice one for those who enjoy visual stuff that persists through loading screens and logging out. Others have said they can see my weapons glowing, so it's not limited to your own viewing!

Sometimes, when you're trying to transmog a nice set, and you really want to use an enchant, the weapon you chose might be a little jerk and say "No." to you. Well, it turns out you CAN enchant some of those weapons with the two new illusions added at the end of Battle for Azeroth; Void Edge, which is rarely obtained after killing Thrall or Alleria in N'zoth's visions, and Wraithchill, given as part of the Collector's Edition for the pre-purchase of Shadowlands. It's a fairly simple method, too. The steps are as follows;

  1. Transmog to a weapon model that can be given an illusion. (example: Heavy Copper Longsword)
  2. Apply the Void Edge or Wraithchill illusion to the weapon you picked.
  3. Apply changes (Costs gold, be mindful)
  4. Change the weapon model to another model that can't be given an enchant illusion (Example: Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword)
  5. Apply the transmog changes, even though it shows the enchant can't be used

Not every ineligible weapon can be given these enchants, but the ones I've found to work in my extensive collection of transmog options are as follows;

  • - Teebu's Scorching Straight Sword (1h Sword)
  • - Broken Promise (1h Sword)
  • - Gift of the Void (1h Axe)
  • - Shoni's Disarming Tool (1h Axe)
  • - Stinkrot Smasher (1h Mace)
  • - Twilight's Hammer (1h Mace)
  • - Shockwave Truncheon (1h Mace)
  • - Diamond-Core Sledgemace (1h Mace)
  • - Glorious Scepter (1h Mace)
  • - Steelscale Crushfish (1h Mace)
  • - Grip of Mannoroth (Fist Weapon)
  • - The Maelstrom's Fury (Dagger)
  • - Perdition's Blade (Dagger)
  • - Torch of the Celestial Spark (Wand)
  • - Necromantic Wand (Wand)
  • - Ruthless Gladiator's Baton of Light (Wand)
  • - Ruthless Gladiator's Touch of Defeat (Wand)
  • - Lordbane Scepter (Wand)
  • - Deepwarden Baton (Wand)
  • - Brimstone Igniter (Wand)
  • - Nessingwary Brush Burner (Wand)
  • - Netherkurse's Rod of Torment (Wand)
  • - Noxious Shooter (Wand)
  • Two-Handed:
  • - Apolyon, the Soul-Render (2h Sword)
  • - Brutal Gladiator's GreatSword (2h Sword)
  • - Staff of Infinite Mysteries (2h Staff)

If you find any other weapons that can't be normally enchanted, but can be given either of the mentioned illusions through the above method, do feel free to share their names. Weapons that share a similar model with a different color will work as well, so if you have a weapon that is just a recolor of one of the above items, it'll work too. Can't seem to get it to work on a ranged weapon, but it's worth trying constantly!

An example of how it looks in the transmog window (Excuse me looking like an edgy special snowflake):


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