Wednesday, September 23

Free Horrific Vision (10 000 Essence refund)

Requires - 1 Jeeves or pet with vendor

Buy Vessel and queue within 2 hour refund time

2 or more players enter Horrific Vision instance

Summon Jeeves/Vendor pet

After Wrathion starts casting, 1 player sells Vessel to jeeves for full refund. The player will not be teleported to vision, and will be stuck in heart room for the run.

HOWEVER he will still be able to open main chest at the end and gain quest items.

Vision will be tuned to however many players queued.
This means the rest of the players must complete the vision with 1 less player, but that shouldn't be a problem with some gear.

Only tested with 2 players and main chest for [Torn Page of Curse of Stone] so might need more testing.

Potentially huge with boosts and allowing fast cloak leveling

Good luck, enjoy it while it lasts

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