Tuesday, November 10

Semi afk farming method. all you got to do is loot

So as the title suggest ive found the item Razor Gauntlets are doing to much damage to mobs as long as your far above the mob's lvl.

on my lvl 43 dk it will one shot mobs up to 35 i have found when i procs.

as long as your a mail wearing class you can equip these go sit in a area with high aggro and let it slay them around you.

this is slow how ever, mobs rarely hit you and i recommend you be under lvled. and with no armor on so you have a higher chance on the mobs proc'ing the gauntlets effect's.

this method does not seem good for high gold per hour and is prob more used for setting still and playing another game for a while.

got any good ideas for a farm spot lemme know! so i can get on the grind.

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