Friday, May 21

Video Games Just Like Pokémon

Pokemon is balanced, both the movie and video game. Unlike the movie, the gaming console of Pokemon has attracted more popularity and fame. Just like playing games at the best australian online casinos, players can correlate the movie to the game. Engineers were perfect in the way they replicated and followed through the exact film.

Though it has made a name on the market, Pokemon Go is still going on and on, looking for games that elevate the same innovations as Pokemon. Below is a list of games that look alike to Pokemon.

Best Video Games Similar To Pokémon Go

For some Pokemon-like fun, we suggest that you try any of the games below.

Yo-Kai Watch

This is a Japanese-based series that comes in the form of a cartoon and manga. Nate is tasked to capture Yo-Kai. It is actually a native folklore that encompasses these ghost-like characters called Yo-Kai. If you want to capture these native creatures, make sure that you make use of food. Come to think of it, it looks spectacularly like the Japanese Pokemon.
Shin Megami Tensei

All thanks go to Pokemon Go. Players have to balance off and gather up different strengths. Creatures have different weaknesses and abilities and players have to utilize these characteristics. You have to crush off demons so as to convince the joined forces. You can also check out for casino games like Pokemon.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

In this game, there is a character called Oliver who appears to be a young lad. Oliver goes on an expedition, a journey to save and rescue his mother. All you have to do is to control Oliver and make a journey towards the rescue mission.

It's not only Oliver that is on the radar, but you should also come across the "Familiars" who are there to assist in saving Oliver's mother. The same challenge displayed in Wrath of the White Witch is also found in casino games; it’s not all casino games that are light and easy-going.

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