Tuesday, August 10

Games to Enjoy With Friends

Video games have always been enjoyed by millions across the world. The ability for them to convey compelling stories and provide a blanket of immersion is unmatched by any form of entertainment. The experience is even better than friends. When gaming went online, and people were able to play and talk to their friends at the same time from the comfort of the home, the industry was forever changed. One only must look at the influx of multiplayer games on the market to see how much their addition transformed gaming. Every gamer who has grown up with these kinds of games will have at least one memorable moment whether it be with a friend or a stranger.

The recent pandemic saw millions confined to their home, so people turned to the familiar comfort of video games to help them through the period. Some had online casinos to turn to, the best if which can be found when looking at casinogenie.org, but video games proved to be the best way in which people could interact with their friends. The benefits of partaking in the activity are unparalleled– in a recent study, 77% of parents asked believed that gaming during lockdown helped their children stay in touch with their friends. Half of that number believed it had also helped with their mental health. For this reason, it could prove useful to know some great games to play with friends.

Fortnite – This one is the most obvious game to play with friends. Fortnite has seen enormous success since its debut and is played by millions across the world. Players can game with their friends and battle against other squads in hopes of being number one. The fact that players compete against others in a showcase of skill makes the win sweeter and should be a top game to consider playing with friends.

Rocket League – Featuring rocket-powered soccer action, this is a game to consider playing with friends. It used to demand a premium to access, but as of last year, it went free to play meaning that it should be easy to get a group of friends to all purchase it. Rocket League offers barrels of fun to new players but also features a high skill ceiling so if a player did become interested in it, they can sink loads of time in it to become a great player.

FIFA 21 – FIFA has been a classic multiplayer game for as long as anyone can remember. Just the mention of it invokes imaged of gaming parties around friend’s houses. For the ones more in the know, it also conjures up flashbacks of rage and ecstasy. This is a game that should be experienced by everyone, and its Pro Clubs mode allows players to make their own football club and play against others. FIFA 21 is definitely one to consider playing with friends.

Playing games with friends was a great way to stay in contact and do activities together without leaving the home. Going forward, it proves to be one of the leading entertainment formats and shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon.

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