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Cool Easter Eggs in Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a game that has been praised from almost every angle. Unfortunately, it also gets a lot of criticism too. Criticism is generally pretty unfair because Dark Souls isn't perfect. It's an amazing game with an incredible atmosphere, brilliant bosses, fantastic music, and addictive gameplay. 

However, there are a few issues with the game that people dislike. Some of these issues are small enough to be easily ignored while others require you to play through the entire game multiple times in order to complete. One issue that sticks out most among the rest though is the lack of easter eggs. There aren't any hidden messages or hints scattered throughout the world of the game. The only way to find out about them is to read the game's wiki page or try to search online for information on them.

However, if you're looking for easter eggs then Dark Souls isn't your cup of tea. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an easter egg is some kind of secret message. When players think of easter eggs they imagine something like this: "Look! A giant skull." Other games may put certain objects inside their games such as the cat with eyes in Silent Hill 4. 

Dark Souls doesn't have anything like these though. There aren't even any hidden items or codes within the game. So where does this leave us? Is there anything at all that we can look forward to in Dark Souls? Well, yes. But there are ways that the game will actually make use of its environment without having to do something crazy like place giant skulls there.

We'll explore the possibilities now...

Skeleton Key Locations

One of the first things that Dark Souls makes us realize is that the game takes place during the time of the medieval ages. This realization seems like one based on historical knowledge because we know how old today really is. If you don't believe me then read up on this article. I'm sure that it will help you understand why the game was set so long ago. 

In reality, the game wasn't set in the past but instead in the middle ages. For example, the game's location is the Blackmoor region which roughly corresponds with England. There were no big cities back then and little to no technology either. While the game's timeline might be off by a couple of thousand years, the locations definitely are not.

Anyway, what does this mean for us? Just like at many online casino slots, we should expect to notice places that seem ancient since the game is taking place so far into the past. That means that we have three possible locations to check out. These places are Stonefield Manor, Dungeoneering Keep, and Death Mountain Caverns.

Stonefields Manor

For starters, let's take a look at the Stonefield Manor area. This manor house looks very much like something from the Middle Ages. Since we already know that the game takes place in the Middle Ages, it seems highly likely that this building is indeed older than it appears to be. If that's true then finding the skeleton key here would probably unlock a door somewhere else in the game. Finding this key could possibly lead us straight to the next major location in the game.

Dungeoneering Keep

The second location that we want to take a look at is Dungeoneering Keep. This castle once looked mighty impressive. However, many of its buildings have fallen apart over the years. If we visit this location right now, we'd see that it's just a bunch of dilapidated ruins. Now, although this part of the castle looks more modern than Stonefield Manor, it still does exist during the period of the dark age. We can assume that it was built during that era and hasn't changed much since then. What we're referring to is the original keep that stood above the town until King Boromir destroyed it. After the destruction, the people who lived below moved upwards to live in the castle ruins.

Death Mountain Caverns

Finally, we come to Death Mountain Caverns. This cave system used to be inhabited quite often. Now, however, nobody goes near the caverns because they're infested with monsters. You need to use a special key to access the caves so that you can collect resources and hunt down enemies without getting attacked. 

Once again, finding the key here would allow us to reach another location in the game. The reason behind our interest stems from the fact that the caverns are located above the Undead Burfour of them and below the Cathedral Cave.

This means that we could possibly get to parts of the game that weren't meant to be accessed only months before release. Since Dark Souls 2 isn't even available yet, there may be still some new content waiting to be discovered. We've already seen hints about other areas or locations that haven't been explored yet. Even though there may not be anything new directly related to those items, there's always the chance that something interesting happens while exploring these locations.


That's all I have to say about these locations. As mentioned earlier, none of them has any new content and everything we could learn about the world through each of them applies to the entire game. Still, exploring them will probably give us greater insight as to where the story takes place as well as introduce us to some new characters.

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