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World Of Warcrafts Best Expansions

Over the past year or two, dedicated players have been turning their backs on the biggest MMORPG as the latest expansions haven’t lived up to the hype and issues behind closed doors at Blizzard have left some feeling disappointed – whether these gamers have been going to options or turning to other big MMO’s on the market, it’s always good to look back at previous expansions and what they did right to see if the developers can bring WoW back round to a period of huge popularity once again – particularly in light of this potential Microsoft buy-out too.

Mists of Pandaria
– Although not considered to be the most revolutionary of expansions, many consider it to be a point in the game where class balancing had been at its best. Despite there being a bit of a content draught for Siege of Orgrimmar, it did at least mean most players could enjoy their main characters to the fullest, something which has been slipping in recent years as class balancing has been quite disappointing. It did also introduce some slightly different reputation grinds with The Tillers, allowing players to build their own farms and something that even now is still a truly unique part of the game yet to be replicated.

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Legion – Although the entire expansion has been considered a bit hit or miss with poor balancing issues and not being the most exciting in terms of the dungeons and raids, it did introduce some features that have become hallmark WoW through and through. The artifacts gave each class something unique and made them feel very different to play, the mage tower challenge introduced some great solo-player experiences where some unique transmogs could be found, and the release of the Demon Hunter class was quite well received too. And of course, the expansion of the challenge mode dungeons found in Warlords of Draenor, the Legion expansion introduced the Mythic+ dungeons and keystones, considered to be amongst one of the best changes ever made for the game.

The Burning Crusade – Although the first expansion for the game, it doesn’t top most lists just for nostalgic purposes – although rose tinted glasses may have played a part initially for those returning to the re-release of TBC, it introduced further fundamental changes that have made the game what it is today. The introduction of flying mounts, daily quests, more flexibility in raiding, and many other features mean that this expansion really cemented the features which have made WoW as popular as it is. It fundamentally changed the game, and will continue to be the best expansion for WoW regardless of personal taste in the storyline of the expansion.

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