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Online Gambling impact on Australia during the Pandemic

COVID-19 changes the world and our sight to see the world. Daily life activities are affected by the pandemic. Businesses took the online approach to work again. When you are trapped inside your house and fun activities have no room in your life, then you start thinking outside the box. In addition, money was also a problem. In short, all affairs were affected by the pandemic. Big national and international sporting events were stopped, and land-based gambling establishments were briefly closed as a result of the global epidemic and attendant regulatory prohibitions. Data reveals that gamblers' expenditures on poker machines decreased for the first time ever during the epidemic, albeit at a much slower rate than an unmatched growth in money lost on apps. Betting apps Australia showed growth during this time.

In Australia, gambling has a significant impact on public policy and has several negative effects on the health and happiness of both individuals and families. Over the past 20 years, Australia's gambling landscape has seen tremendous change on the basis of the quick expansion of online gaming. In reaction to the epidemic, recent restrictions on social contact have been put in place, including the cessation of gaming establishments in Australia and restrictions on people's ability to leave their homes.

Survey of online gambling before and after the pandemic

The popularity of pokies in Australia is responsible for this global championship. Approximately 20% of the automatic gambling machines in the world are located in Australia, which is relatively more for a country with having such a small population. We need to consider that pandemic might have a positive effect on the gambling situation of this country but that is not the case, unfortunately.

Online sports betting were seeing substantial growth before 2020, and this trend intensified in the same year. Even before the COVID-19 epidemic, the internet gambling sector was expanding quickly, particularly among young, single males who mostly gambled on sports. According to a survey conducted by the Australian Gaming Research Centre, men between the ages of 18 and 34 had the biggest monthly increases in gambling expenditures. The cause of this is complicated and includes the following points:

• Free time during the coronavirus pandemic

• Gambling induced by stress and anxiety brought on by financial and economic instability as well as the overall effects of living in a pandemic environment on mental health.

• The movement of spending from a market for leisure activities that have been restricted and locked down by the epidemic contributed as a cause.

The reinstatement of venues was connected with an increase in spending, indicating a new type of binge gambling. The closures looked to have curbed Australia's passion for pokies, but the reintroduction of venues swiftly reawakened it.

Games affected by the pandemic

To learn how Australians reacted to the transformation of gambling accessibility, population-level and tailored surveys were undertaken. These surveys showed that different types of games were overblown by the pandemic situation. Preliminary to the pandemic, 66 per cent of participation was recorded and after the restrictions of the epidemic, the participation was 53 per cent it never went back to the pre-pandemic level but increased to 59 per cent.

Due to the epidemic, casinos were shut down but online gambling was still on. The decline in gambling was recorded in the following games: electronic gambling machines, lottery instant tickets, Keno and table games of casinos while wagering on race and sports stay somewhat undeviating. Online gambling was stable and online keno took a great run amid the pandemic.

Impact of gambling on people

Australia's gaming industry has come under scrutiny recently as a consequence of public hearings criticizing its largest casino operators for lax money laundering safeguards. There is a wide range of gambling-related issues and harm that can occur, from modest unpleasant events to catastrophic harms and lifetime harms. Gambling is related to happiness which causes the release of a chemical in the human body called dopamine. No doubt placing a bet and winning that bet makes someone happy but this short-term happiness can become the cause of pain in long run.

Online gambling is in the limelight to induce significant degrees of addiction and habits are formed very fast. Gamblers should need to do responsible gambling and must consider their family, friend and community before taking risks in gambling. Studies have shown that only a few people reach out for help in difficult times and one person can affect six more people around him and with a moderate level of risk, three people, and with a low-level risk, one person at least. Gamblers should seek out more help by strategizing or sharing with family or friends and should access gambling helplines.


COVID-19 appears to have been a sowing ground for faster growth rather than a fuse in our gambling tendencies. Internet economy expanded, and the demand for venue-based gaming increased. Furthermore, because this acceleration occurred in a unique context with restricted expenditure options, an individual's capacity to maintain greater levels of gambling expense may not be feasible once regular life returns. This means that the shift from safe to hazardous gambling may be sped up.

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