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Analyzing WoW Stats: Which Specs Struggled the Most with the Thundering Affix


World of Warcraft, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is known for its intricate gameplay mechanics and ever-evolving content. One of the aspects of the game that keeps players engaged is the Mythic+ dungeon system, which features rotating affixes that add unique challenges to each dungeon run. In this article, we examine the latest stats reported to determine which character specializations struggled the most with the Thundering affix.

Understanding the Thundering Affix

The Thundering affix is a seasonal affix that appears in Mythic+ dungeons. When active, it causes enemies to summon a Thundering Orb upon death. The orb travels in a straight line, dealing significant damage to players it comes into contact with. This affix requires players to constantly reposition themselves and stay aware of their surroundings to avoid being hit by the orbs.

Stats: Struggling Specializations

The latest stats from Dot Esports reveal that several character specializations had a difficult time handling the Thundering affix:

  1. Retribution Paladins: With limited mobility and self-sustain, Retribution Paladins had a tough time dodging the Thundering Orbs and maintaining their damage output. This lack of mobility made it challenging for them to reposition quickly and avoid taking damage from the orbs.
  2. Frost Death Knights: Similar to Retribution Paladins, Frost Death Knights struggled with the Thundering affix due to their limited mobility. Their reliance on melee attacks and close-range abilities made it harder for them to avoid the orbs and stay out of harm's way.
  3. Elemental Shamans: Despite having access to ranged abilities, Elemental Shamans had a hard time dealing with the Thundering affix. Their cast times often left them vulnerable to the orbs, and their limited mobility made it difficult for them to reposition safely.

Overcoming the Thundering Affix

Despite the challenges posed by the Thundering affix, there are strategies that can help players overcome it:

  1. Team Coordination: Effective communication and coordination within a group can help players anticipate the Thundering Orbs and reposition accordingly. By working together, players can ensure that they avoid the orbs while maintaining their damage output.
  2. Crowd Control: Utilizing crowd control abilities can help mitigate the impact of the Thundering affix by controlling the number of enemies that spawn orbs at any given time. This can make it easier for players to navigate the dungeon and avoid taking damage.
  3. Practice and Adaptation: Familiarizing oneself with the dungeon layout and enemy positioning can help players better anticipate the path of the Thundering Orbs. As players gain more experience with the affix, they can adapt their strategies and improve their performance.


The Thundering affix in World of Warcraft's Mythic+ dungeons presents unique challenges for certain character specializations, such as Retribution Paladins, Frost Death Knights, and Elemental Shamans. By employing effective communication, crowd control abilities, and adaptation, players can overcome these obstacles and succeed in the face of this daunting affix. As the game continues to evolve, players must adapt to new challenges and refine their strategies to achieve success in Azeroth's ever-changing landscape.

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