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The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Replica Lightsabers: Where to Begin and What to Look For


Start With a Plan

With so many different and amazing replica lightsabers on the market today, it can be incredibly easy for any collector to get carried away. To avoid duplicating items or spending money on replicas that you do not need, it is crucial that you plan out the kind of lightsaber collection that you want.

Before you even buy your first replica lightsaber, do some research and find out the expanse of the collection, where you can acquire the items and how they will be displayed. For example, if your interest is in the dark side of the Force, your efforts should be focused on finding replicas that fit into that genre.

Get Realistic Replica Lightsabers

As you begin to add replica lightsabers to your collection, it is crucial that you avoid impulsive purchases. Don't go for the first replica that you come across; instead, hold out for replicas that come with all the right features, as they tend to be more valuable.

Some of the must-have features of a good replica lightsaber include;

Quality Hilt- A replica lightsaber's hilt is one of its most important components. In addition to holding the saber's blade, it is the hilt that houses most of the saber's electronics, such as; the power source (batteries), emitter, soundboard, activator switch and sometimes the LED strips. The ideal hilt should be made from a quality material like metal, and it should be strong and sturdy enough to withstand hits and strikes. In terms of design, a replica lightsaber's hilt should look and feel like a real weapon. Other design details like the size, shape and patterns of the hilt may vary depending on your preferences.

Blade Material- Most replica lightsabers typically come with polycarbonate blades and depending on the saber's intended purpose, you can choose to go for either a mid-grade (thin-walled) or heavy-grade (thick-walled) blade. Heavy-grade blades are ideal for duelling lightsabers, while mid-grade blades are best for display and cosplay.

Blade Lights- Lightsabers are well known for the colourful glow of their blades, so the replica lightsabers in your collection must come with visual effects. This also includes colour-changing features that allow for a smooth transition between colours.

Movie-Accurate Sound Effects- In addition to visual effects, a replica lightsaber should also feature a good-quality soundboard with authentic and movie-accurate sounds. This will make wielding them more realistic and fun.

Power Options- The electronic components of a lightsaber will only work if there is a power source, and for replica lightsabers, AA batteries are commonly used. These batteries may either come pre-packaged with the lightsaber or will have to be bought separately. Replica lightsabers should also have good power-saving abilities.

Lightsaber Accessories- Although these technically don't count as must-have features, they can be a bonus. Lightsaber accessories like blade plugs, couplers and lightsaber stands can come in handy and make your collection stand out.

Where to Find Replica Lightsabers

Knowing the kind of lightsaber features you want is one thing, but knowing the right place to find them is a whole different ball game. The Internet is filled with several vendors that claim to sell the best replica lightsabers; some are legit, and some are not.

To ensure that you are making a good purchase, make sure that you verify the legitimacy of any online lightsaber shop before you make a purchase. You can also browse around different stores before making a purchase, and when you do, always go for stores that offer warranties and return policies for their products.

Apart from online vendors, you can also get quality replica lightsabers at collector stores, comic book stores, conventions, specialist stores, lightsaber customisation workshops, and straight from manufacturers.

Have A Proper Display Area

Part of what adds to the beauty of your lightsaber collection is its display. You won't be doing your collection any justice if you clump all your lightsabers together on a shelf. Lightsabers are iconic, and as such, their display should be equally iconic. There are several creative ways of displaying your replica lightsaber collection. You can put them on a lightsaber stand or glass display box. You could mount them on walls around your home, or if you want something extra, suspend them from the ceiling with strings or a clear fishline.


Having a lightsaber collection is one of the many ways you can show your love for the Star Wars franchise. However, a lot goes into building a replica lightsaber collection. You need to know what saber features to look for and where you should be looking. Hopefully, the guide above helps you build a replica Star Wars lightsaber collection that you will be proud of.

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