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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and the Return of Scholomance Dungeon


(MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is set to bring back an old favorite instance: Scholomance Dungeon. This news has emerged from recent information found in Patch 10.1.5 of the game's Dragonflight expansion​​.

A Return to the Past

Scholomance, once a prominent instance in the game, is returning to WoW in an unknown capacity. The dungeon was featured in Mists of Pandaria with a reworked layout, but it now seems Blizzard has something different planned for it. Two new achievements associated with Scholomance were discovered in the client, sparking intrigue among players. The first achievement is related to the journal of Eva Sarkhoff, and the second one pertains to the defeat of Kirtonos the Herald, two Non-Player Characters (NPCs) absent from the Mists of Pandaria version of the instance​​.

While Kirtonos was a special quest boss who could be summoned within the instance, the new achievement suggests that Blizzard might be bringing a Classic version of Scholomance back for a limited event, creating a new version that features both Gandling and Kirtonos, or planning something entirely different. This move, combined with the return of old Naxxramas achievements and cosmetics, and the treatment of Zul'Gurub in WoW Patch 10.0.7, indicates that the developers might be revisiting Classic content replaced over the years, providing new players an opportunity to collect its cosmetics​​.

A Positive Direction for Dragonflight

Despite recent controversies, Blizzard Entertainment has been commended for the overall direction of the Dragonflight expansion. Embers of Neltharion, one of the patches in Dragonflight, has been cited as one of the stronger patches in WoW's long history. If Dragonflight continues on this trajectory, fans may remember it as an expansion that breathed new life into the game when it needed it most​1​.

More details about Scholomance's return are eagerly awaited by the WoW community. Players will be keen to find out more about how this beloved dungeon will be integrated into the current game, and what surprises Blizzard has in store.

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