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A New World of Warcraft Datamined Asset: A Potential Threat to the Trading Post


World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight, the latest expansion of the 19-year-old MMO, has been a breath of fresh air for the gaming community. With its engaging storylines, enjoyable content, and exciting new features, it has rekindled the fun in the game that some felt was lost during a few controversial expansions. One of these new features that gained popularity among players is the Trading Post. However, recent data mining activities have raised concerns that this beloved feature might transform into a microtransaction shop​​.

The Trading Post: A Fan Favorite

Introduced at the beginning of 2023, the Trading Post is a feature that allows players to accumulate a rotating catalog of cosmetics merely by playing. Active subscribers are granted 500 Trader's Tender every month and can earn an additional 500 by completing tasks in their Traveler's Log. These Tenders can then be used to purchase an assortment of cosmetics, ranging from mounts and pets to armor appearances and transmog sets.

This feature not only encourages players to engage in content they might not have before, but it also allows Blizzard to release previously unavailable cosmetics. Moreover, the Trading Post content is persistent across expansions, expanding the players' cosmetic collections without any additional charge. Notably, the only way to earn Trader's Tender is to play the game, with no microtransactions tied to it, an approach that was largely appreciated by the players​.

Datamining Suggests a Change

Recent datamining activities have discovered shop assets for various Trader's Tender bundles. These assets do not exist in the game yet, but they are present in the files and are similar to images that players would find in the shop. There are 17 different symbols ranging from 250-1,000 Tender in intervals of 50. These signs point towards the possibility of these assets becoming purchasable Trader's Tenders bundles, which could potentially transform the Trading Post into another WoW cash shop​​.

The Potential Impact

If Blizzard decides to tie microtransactions to the Trading Post, it might quickly lose its appeal. It would then feel similar to the in-game store that already exists, and adding a second version of that, on top of a subscription fee, might not sit well with the players. It's important to note that WoW is not a free-to-play game; players are required to spend $15 every month to access Azeroth.

That being said, these datamined assets could potentially be a positive addition, depending on their actual purpose. For instance, Blizzard could use them to inform players about the Tender cost of a cash shop item once it arrives at the Trading Post, or they could allow players to purchase cash shop items with the in-game currency. However, the exact purpose of these assets remains unclear until Blizzard provides an official statement​​.

In conclusion, the recent datamined assets have created an air of uncertainty around the future of the WoW Trading Post. While some players fear that it may transform into another cash shop, others are hopeful that Blizzard might use these assets to further enhance the Trading Post. As the gaming community awaits a response from Blizzard, the fate of the Trading Post hangs in the balance.

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