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Acquiring the Iconic Judgment Set for Paladins in World of Warcraft


In the vast universe of World of Warcraft (WoW), the Judgment Set stands out as one of the most iconic armor sets. Known for its vibrant red-and-gold color scheme and its distinctive helmet, this Paladin-only armor set has become synonymous with the Paladin class since its introduction in 2004. Whether you're a WoW Classic player or a modern WoW player, or whether you're hunting for an upgrade or a transmog, here's how you can get your hands on this legendary armor set.

The Legacy of the Judgment Set

The Judgment Set has set the gold standard for WoW armor sets, encapsulating the class fantasy and appeal like no other. Its popularity among endgame players in Classic WoW and transmog hunters in retail WoW is a testament to its enduring appeal. The sources for the pieces of the Judgment armor set have remained unchanged since 2004, making it accessible to both Classic and modern WoW players.

Where to Find the Judgment Set

The Judgment Set can be obtained by running two endgame Classic raids: Blackwing Lair and Molten Core. Most of the items in the set are available in Blackwing Lair, with an additional item found in Onyxia’s Lair.

Set Bonuses for the Paladin Judgment Set

While the set bonuses for the Judgment Set are not available in the modern version of WoW, they are still in effect for Classic-era realms. If you're a Paladin on a Vanilla WoW server, these set bonuses can be quite beneficial:

  • Three-set: Increases the radius of Paladins’ auras by 10 yards.
  • Five-set: Increases Intellect by 47.
  • Eight-set: Inflicts additional Holy damage on the target of a Paladin’s Judgment spell.

The Judgment Set is available in both WoW Classic and WoW Dragonflight, offering players a chance to experience the nostalgia and power of this iconic armor set. Whether you're a seasoned Paladin or a newcomer to the class, acquiring the Judgment Set is a rewarding journey that encapsulates the spirit of WoW's rich history and immersive gameplay.

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