Thursday, September 21

Blizzard's Alleged Inaction: Bots Threaten WoW's Economy


World of Warcraft (WoW), one of the most iconic MMORPGs, is currently facing a significant economic challenge. Recent reports suggest that the game's economy is being manipulated by bots, leading to inflation and potential destabilization. What's even more concerning is the allegation that Blizzard, the game's developer, is aware of this issue but has taken no substantial action to address it.

The Rise of WoW Tokens

WoW tokens have recently seen their prices soar to the highest levels in the past two years. According to a post on WoW's subreddit from September 19, 2023, this surge in value is attributed to "farmers/botters" who are allegedly making millions of in-game gold daily. This has been ongoing for at least eight months, and Blizzard is reportedly well-aware of this exploit.

The Chromie Time Exploit

The primary exploit in question revolves around "Chromie Time." Players have reportedly found a way to manipulate the game, causing level 45 mobs to drop level 70 loot. This loot can then be sold, generating around 1.2 million raw gold daily if executed correctly. One player explained, "It’s a problem because normal players wouldn’t get much to abuse this, but bots doing it all day for months on end can make a living off of it, causing in-game prices to soar."

While some players claim that Blizzard had hotfixed this exploit a few weeks ago, others argue that it still works. The current method allegedly involves three players, with one phased into Chromie Time and two outside of it. The exploit's mechanics involve intricate steps involving party sync and vendor mounts, allowing players to remain in the Chromie phase and continue the loot exploit.

Blizzard's Alleged Inaction

The community's primary concern is Blizzard's perceived inaction against these botters. Many players have admitted to exploiting the system without facing any repercussions. One player stated, "Every exploit I’ve done in this game came with zero punishment. Whether it’s a cheap way to one-shot players in PvP, a way to AFK and gain EXP, or to farm massive amounts of gold."

This raises questions about Blizzard's commitment to maintaining a fair and balanced in-game economy. If unchecked, such exploits can severely impact the game's economy, affecting both new and veteran players.


The allegations against Blizzard are serious, especially considering the potential long-term implications for WoW's in-game economy. While Dot Esports has reached out to Blizzard for comments, there has been no official response at the time of publishing. It remains to be seen how Blizzard will address these concerns and what measures they will take to ensure the game's economic stability.

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