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How To Prepare for WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2

The World of Warcraft (WoW) continues to expand its universe with new content, challenges, and gear upgrades. One of the most anticipated updates by WoW is the Dragonflight Patch 10.2, which is slated for release in the fall of 2023. This is expected to be the last Dragonflight major patch. 

This new patch will bring new challenges, new raids, and balance changes, which makes it one of a kind. As most of the content will be changed, players should be prepared to acquire the time-sensitive achievements and equipment before the release. This guide will look at all the features of the new update to help you prepare and be ready for the game. 

What are the changes in WoW patch

Dragonflight Patch 2.0 will have many elements removed and some added. Knowing these changes is imperative in preparing yourself for the challenges. They include the following:

  • A new zone

One of the biggest changes in the new patch is the introduction of a new zone called The Emerald Dream. It reflects the wild world. For example, it represents Ohn'ahran Plains, where the Green Dragonfire resides, Ardenweald, and more wild-centric zones.

The aesthetics of this zone are lush, natural, and forestry. The orange and red hues depict the invader Fyrakk. Players can earn theme gear through special quests, events, treasures, and more.  

  • New raid

This patch also has a new raid, Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope. This is a tree planted by Tyrande and Malfurion. Fyrakk uses it for his own purpose with the help of a nine-boss raid.

In this raid, you can fight Fyrakk allies to get to the top of the tree before a final boss fight with Fyrakk himself. One of the best ways to beat each boss and loot is using a WoW boost to level up and obtain rare collectibles. 

  • New legendary weapon 

Additionally, Dragonflight Patch 10.2 offers a legendary new weapon to eligible profiles. It’s the Fyr’alath, which is a two-handed Strength axe wielded by Fyrakk. It can be earned through the raid but by Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors only. 

Due to the complexity and exclusivity of this nature, players will have to boost their character before they can acquire it. You can either go through all the challenges or use boosting services such as the ones found at

  • New faction

A new faction also awaits players—the Dream Wardens. They're comprised of gatekeepers, druids, dryads, runebears, and members of the Green Dragonflight. This faction promises numerous tasks and rewards, such as gardening-oriented weapons.  

  • New world boss 

A new world boss has emerged, too, in the form of Aurostor, who follows a strict sleep regimen but has been disturbed by Fyrakk's assault on the Emerald Dream. Therefore, Aurostor will fight anything that passes by to try and wear himself out to sleep. You don't have to kill him; just put him back to sleep to win rewards.  

What is the gear max ilvl in Patch 10.2

The Patch 10.2 will have one of the biggest item level jumps seen in WoW Dragonflight. Usually, the levels increase by only 26. However, in the third season, things are quite different. This allows characters to be more robust and resilient. 

  • Obtaining and upgrading gear prior 10.2

Obtaining and upgrading your gear is the best way to prepare for Patch 10.2. Some of the rewards are time-sensitive and should be collected early enough. If you’re building your gear, focus on completing world quests, rare mobs, and Mythic+ dungeons.  

When upgrading an item, you’ll spend Flightstones and certain Crests—Whelping, Drake, and Wyrm Crests—before moving to the next level.

You should note that Flightstones can be earned through all PvP activities. They can also be used to upgrade the PvP gear.  

  • Item upgrade NPC locations

Item upgrades can be done in any of the four NPC locations listed in the game. They are:

  • Cuzolth: The Cuzolth NPC is found in the Zaralek Cavern. This is a contested zone type of territory.
  • Corxian: This NPC is found in the Valdrakken City, which is a sanctuary. 
  • Erza: This NPC is also found in Valdrakken. 
  • Researcher Beneflare: This NPC is in The Forbidden Reach Zone, which is a contested territory. 

However, you should note that in some cases, some gear can only be upgraded at specific points. For example, the Mythic+ gear can only be upgraded at the Corxian NPC to get its full potential.

The gear upgrade system 

The gear upgrade system in Dragonflight Patch 10.2 uses a new currency that allows users to upgrade their gear through two main currencies Shadowflame Crests and Flightstones. Here's a look at the two currencies in detail:  

  • Shadowflame Crests

Shadowflame Crests are unique currencies characters can obtain by completing different content difficulty levels. For example, you have to complete raids, Mythic+ dungeons, and outdoor gameplay to get crests and their fragments. 

The Crests come in four levels, which have different purposes depending on the gear you're upgrading. The Whelping Crest is the first level and is used to upgrade Raid Finder gear. After all gear upgrades in this phase, you get Drake's Crest used to upgrade normal gears. The third type is the Wyrm's Crest, which can be used for Heroic-level gear upgrades and, finally, the Aspect Crest, which is the most advanced and used for Mythic-level gear upgrades.   

  • Flightstones

Flightstones can be earned by completing tasks such as running Mythic Keystone dungeons, defeating unique creatures, killing raid bosses, and world quests. They can be earned without a weekly cap, making them valuable resources in the game. 

Catch-up gear

Catch-up gear is designed for players who come back to the game but don’t have the best in-slot gear to help them catch up with the rest of the players. With its help, you can dive into the current Dragonflight content. Moreover, it can help you get the gear required for Patch 10.2. 

  • Open world events

Open world events are a great way to get catch-up gear up to item level 445. Some of these, which could help prepare for Dragonflight Patch 10.2, include the following: 

  • Time Rifts

Time Rifts take about 15 minutes and start every hour. The event is in two phases: a cleaning phase that lasts about 10 minutes and a portal to another dimension that lasts about five minutes. The rifts happen in Tyrhold Reservoir in Thaldraszus.  The rifts are also the main source of the Paracausal Flakes, which are the currencies added in Patch 10.1.5.

  • Dreamsurges

Dreamsurges were introduced in Patch 10.1.7. They affect the original zones in the Dragon Isle, and this guarantees a 25% experience increase for the player levelling in those areas. To enter the Dreamsurge quest, players can go directly to the Dreamsurge icon in whichever zone is affected. 

  • Fyrakk Assault

This event is unlocked after completing chapter three of Patch 10.1. Once you unlock this level, you’ll get a Fyrakk-themed icon that shows where he’s attacking. The best part of this event is that it’s an account-wide attack, which means you only have to unlock it once. But while you attack and kill the enemies, Fyrakk will arise to incarcerate the areas. 

  • Elite Zone Bosses

Elite Zone Bosses are powerful enemies that spawn in the open world. These include Strunraan, the Sky's Misery, Basrikron, the Whale Shing, Liskanoth, the Futurebane, and Bazual, the Dreaded Flame. They possess different abilities, and competing against them can earn one different loots and gear.

  • Dungeon catch-up gear  

Players can get dungeon catch-up gear by completing Mythic+ dungeons and PVP matches. Mythic+ dungeons are progressively more difficult versions of regular dungeons. These allow players to compete in scaling challenges where their execution is tested rather than their speed, with the chance of earning gear up to item level 476.

  • Raid catch-up gear from Aberrus

Aberrus raid catch-up gear is one of the easiest ways to boost your PvE gear and catch up with the current content. You’re required to defeat the nine bosses and Scalecommander Sarkareth in order to earn the best 415-457 ilvl loot. Players can enter the secret Neltharion’s laboratory in all skill levels. 

Tips and tricks for fast gearing before Patch 10.2

As the release of Patch 10.2 is almost near, all the WoW Dragonflight players should prepare to gear up before then. Some top tricks include:

  • Use boosting services: WoW boosting services can help you complete challenges and level up much quicker by playing alongside pros or letting pro boosters level up your account. Such options ensure that your gear is up to date by the time the release happens.
  • Run Mythic+ dungeons: The Mythic+ dungeons are a quick way to level up your gear as you can drop gear up to item level 476 and use Valor Points to scale up the Mythic system to up to 483.
  • Raid the Obsidian Citadel: The Obsidian Citadel raid drops gear up to item level 483. You can complete the challenge by killing all the three drakes or complete the challenge while keeping one or more drakes up. This is the best way to get the highest-level gear in the game, as it increases the quality of the loot.

There are many more ways to help you gear up for Patch 10.2. Ensure you try a combination of them to get your character up to date with the current content.

Final thoughts

The WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2 promises unique challenges to the already thrilling and exciting universe. With new content, challenges, and gear up for grabs, you should prepare for this chapter early enough. You can gear up by using game-boosting services, competing in PvP and PvE activities, and running Mythic+ dungeons, among others. 

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