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Mastering the Augmentation Evoker in WoW Dragonflight


The world of "World of Warcraft" is ever-evolving, and with the introduction of the Augmentation Evoker, the game's newest class, players are diving deep into a unique gameplay experience. This third spec, while technically a "DPS" spec, is the first to truly embody the "support" role, aiming to enhance groupmates through in-combat buffs, auras, and status effects.

Augmentation Evoker: A Game-Changer

The Augmentation Evoker is not just another DPS class. Its primary objective is to bolster the strength of the group. By merely being present, the Augmentation Evoker passively amplifies the group's capabilities, applying buffs and DPS steroids through their abilities. This passive enhancement has made the Augmentation Evoker a favorite in Dragonflight season two, with their indispensable presence in dungeons and raids.

The spec's popularity isn't just due to its novelty. Its relatively straightforward gameplay makes it accessible for players. For those looking to transition into a support role in WoW, the Augmentation Evoker offers a simple yet effective entry point.

Best Talents for Augmentation Evoker in WoW Dragonflight

The damage output of Augmentation Evokers is inherently tied to their rotation. Therefore, when selecting talents, the focus should be on maximizing their support potential. The recommended talent build for season two of Dragonflight is designed to familiarize players with the spec's core abilities.

For players familiar with the Preservation or Devastation Evoker from previous patches, many of the spells and mechanics on the left side of the talent interface will be recognizable. Notable spells include "Zephyr," a potent movement spell combined with group-wide damage reduction, and "Renewing Blaze," a crucial defensive cooldown.

The Augmentation side offers less flexibility, especially near the top. Essential rotational spells like "Upheaval," "Blistering Scales," and "Prescience" are non-negotiable. "Breath of Eons" and "Draconic Attunements" are also fundamental to the kit.

The bottom of the Augmentation tree offers some choices between talents like "Interwoven Threads," "Fate Mirror," and "Momentum Shift." The key is to select talents that amplify your group's strength with minimal effort.

Stat Priorities for Augmentation Evoker

For Augmentation Evokers, the stat priority is clear:

  • Mastery
  • Critical Strike
  • Haste
  • Versatility

Mastery is paramount due to the unique "Timewalker" benefit. This mastery enhances your Empower spells, increasing a nearby player's Versatility and extending the duration of your aura spells. A higher Mastery stat means a more significant passive boost to your group.

Gems, Potions, and Consumables

Augmentation Evokers should equip their gem sockets with at least one "Skillful Illimited Diamond" (offering +75 Intellect and +66 Mastery) and fill the remaining slots with "Keen Neltharite" (+70 Mastery and +33 Haste).

For raids and dungeons, "Elemental Potions of Power" and "Hissing Runes" are essential. The "Grand Banquet of the Kalu’ak" is recommended for the food buff.


The Augmentation Evoker is a testament to WoW's commitment to delivering fresh and engaging gameplay experiences. As players explore this new spec, the above guide serves as a foundation to harness the full potential of the Augmentation Evoker in Drago

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