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This Week in WoW: October 16, 2023 - A Dive into the Emerald Dream and Beyond


World of Warcraft (WoW) continues to evolve, offering players new adventures, challenges, and content. This week, Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled a plethora of updates and events that are set to captivate the WoW community. From the call of the Dream Wardens to the much-anticipated Guardians of the Dream content update, there's a lot in store for Azeroth's champions.

Guardians of the Dream: A New Chapter Begins November 7

The Guardians of the Dream content update is slated to go live the week of November 7. This update is packed with exciting features, including:

  • New Outdoor Zone: Dive into the mystical realm of the Emerald Dream.
  • New Raid: Embark on a journey through Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.
  • New Public Events: Engage in events like Superbloom, Emerald Frenzy, and Emerald Bounty.
  • Dragonflight Season 3: A new season beckons with more dragon riding adventures.
  • New World Boss: Challenge Aurostor the Hibernating and test your mettle.
  • And much more: From additional dragon riding experiences to new challenges, the update promises a wealth of content.

Amirdrassil, The Hope’s Dream Raid: Opening November 14

The Emerald Dream is under threat from Fyrakk, who, with the aid of the Zaqali Djaradin and the resurgent Druids of the Flame, seeks to claim the World Tree, Amirdrassil. Should he succeed, Azeroth will face a time of fire and chaos. This new raid boasts nine boss encounters, including a unique Dragonriding encounter. The climax is a showdown with Fyrakk atop Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope. Players can delve deeper into the raid's intricacies in the "Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid Overview and Schedule" article.

News and Events: A Week Packed with Excitement

  • October 16: Dive into the details with the "Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Raid Overview and Schedule" article.
  • October 17: Engage in the PvP Brawl: Southshore vs. Tarren Mill, and step back in time with the Turbulent Timeways: Mists of Pandaria Timewalking event. Plus, stay tuned for a new promotion announcement.
  • October 18: Celebrate the spooky season with the commencement of the Hallow’s End Holiday. Also, explore the "Guardians of the Dream: Grow Seeds to Saplings in New Public Events" article.
  • October 19: Soar through the skies with the "Take Flight in the Emerald Dream with Dragonriding Updates" article and groove to the "WoW Synthwave Beats: Journey to BlizzCon®" feature.
  • October 20: Stay updated with the latest happenings in the "Blues News" article.

BlizzCon® 2023: The Celebration Continues

BlizzCon® 2023 is set to return on November 3 and 4. While additional tickets are still up for grabs, those unable to attend can enjoy all the content from the Anaheim Arena for free. To mark the event, players can purchase the BlizzCon Collection, boasting digital goodies for WoW and other Blizzard titles.


As World of Warcraft journeys through another exhilarating week, players can look forward to a blend of nostalgia, new adventures, and thrilling challenges. The call of the Dream Wardens resonates across Azeroth, beckoning champions to rise and protect the realm.

Source: Official World of Warcraft News.

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