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World of Warcraft's Telegraphs: A Challenge for Even the Best Guilds

In the ever-evolving world of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, players are facing a new challenge that goes beyond just strategy and skill. The game's telegraphs, the visual and audio cues indicating a character's next move, have become increasingly difficult to discern. This issue has become so pronounced that even the world's top guilds, like Team Liquid, are resorting to unique methods to gain clarity during intense raids.

The Problem with Telegraphs

The difficulty lies in the telegraphs' colors blending into the environment or the hitboxes not aligning with the visual effects. This lack of clarity is not just a minor inconvenience but a significant obstacle in high-stakes gameplay, particularly in Mythic+ dungeons, known for their difficulty.

Innovative Solutions

Team Liquid, renowned for their expertise, found an inventive solution during their attempt at a world-first Raid clear. They used an Inky Black Potion, a consumable that "darkens the world around you" for two hours, to enhance visibility of the abilities used during the raid. This approach, while effective, highlights the underlying issue of fight clarity in the current expansion.

Community Response

The WoW community, including seasoned players, has voiced concerns over this issue. The lack of consistency in telegraph effects across different encounters adds to the confusion. Players find themselves guessing whether an effect is a soak, a tank split, or something to avoid, as the same visuals are often used for different mechanics.

Comparisons and Expectations

This problem has drawn comparisons to other MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14, known for its clearer encounter telegraphs. The expectation now is that more players, aiming to emulate top guilds, will start using similar tactics like the Inky Black Potion, potentially leading to a broader discussion on the necessity of such measures.


The situation with WoW's telegraphs is a testament to the game's evolving challenges. While top guilds like Team Liquid adapt with inventive strategies, it raises questions about the game's design and the balance between challenging gameplay and clear, accessible mechanics. As the community continues to adapt, it will be interesting to see how Blizzard addresses these concerns in future updates.

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