Wednesday, November 22

WoW Community Calls for Major Quest Log Change in Season of Discovery

"World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery" approaches, the WoW community is uniting to request a significant change from Blizzard: an expansion of the quest log's capacity. This request reflects the evolving needs and preferences of players in the ever-growing world of Azeroth.

The Season of Discovery

"Season of Discovery" represents Blizzard's take on the much-anticipated Classic+ game mode. It promises to bring unfinished zones to completion, offering new areas to explore, fresh loot, and exciting gear. Additionally, the Rune Engraving system will introduce new powers and abilities for each class, potentially allowing them to fulfill roles previously out of reach.

The Quest Log Debate

A Reddit post sparked a widespread discussion among the WoW Classic community, with a user suggesting an increase in the maximum number of quests in the log from 20-25. This proposal has garnered almost universal support within the community, with many players agreeing that the current limit is too restrictive.

Community Responses

  • Support for Expansion: Many players believe that expanding the quest log will enhance the gaming experience without detracting from the game's immersion.
  • Immersion Concerns: Some argue that a larger quest log could break the immersion, but others counter that a well-maintained journal could realistically contain more quests.
  • Removing the Cap: A segment of the community even advocates for removing the cap entirely, arguing that it would not harm the game experience, especially since many players use add-ons like Questie, TomTom, or RestedEXP.

Blizzard's Recent Changes

Blizzard has been responsive to player feedback, recently confirming significant changes to servers and faction balancing. This responsiveness raises hopes that the company might consider the community's request for the quest log change.


With the "Season of Discovery" set to release on November 30, the WoW community eagerly awaits to see if Blizzard will implement this widely supported change to the quest log. This adjustment could significantly improve the player experience, aligning with the evolving dynamics of the game and the desires of its dedicated player base.

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