Friday, December 15

World of Warcraft Phases Out Old Authenticator App for Enhanced Security


World of Warcraft (WoW) players are being urged to transition to the new Mobile App as Blizzard Entertainment announces the discontinuation of the old Authenticator app. Set for January 5, 2024, this change is part of Blizzard's ongoing efforts to enhance account security and streamline user experience.

Chapter 1: The End of an Era for the Old Authenticator

The old Authenticator app has been a staple in providing two-factor authentication for WoW and other Blizzard games, safeguarding players' accounts from unauthorized access. However, with technological advancements and the need for improved security measures, Blizzard has decided to retire the old app. Players are encouraged to migrate to the new system before the cut-off date to avoid any disruption to their gaming experience.

Chapter 2: Transitioning to the Mobile App

Migrating to the new Mobile App is a straightforward process. Players simply need to download the app and log in. The app will prompt users to set up their new authenticator, automatically replacing the old one. If the prompt doesn't appear, players can manually navigate to the Authenticator option in the app's menu. Once the new authenticator is set up, the old app can be safely deleted.

Chapter 3: Benefits of the New Authentication System

Apart from enhanced security, migrating to the new system offers additional rewards. Players who switch to the digital authenticator will receive four extra bag slots, the Corehound battle pet, and the ability to create listings via the Group Finder in WoW. These incentives not only encourage the use of the new app but also reward players for taking steps to secure their accounts.

Chapter 4: Physical Authenticator Fobs Remain Unaffected

While the digital app is changing, players using the old physical authenticator fobs will not be affected by this update. However, Blizzard discontinued these items in 2019, and their limited battery life means that users relying on them should consider switching to the digital version for long-term convenience and security.


The discontinuation of the old Authenticator app marks a significant step in Blizzard's commitment to player security in World of Warcraft. By migrating to the Mobile App, players will not only ensure uninterrupted access to their favorite games but also enjoy additional benefits and enhanced account protection. As the January 5, 2024 deadline approaches, players are encouraged to make the switch and embrace the new era of digital security in the world of Azeroth.

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