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WoW Player Stunned by Hunter's Dominance in Season of Discovery


In the "World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery," Hunters have emerged as a formidable force, stunning players with their newfound prowess. The season has introduced the Rune Engraving system, providing classes with new powers and abilities, but it's the Hunters who are currently stealing the spotlight.

The Power of Hunters in Season of Discovery

Rune Engraving System

  • The Rune Engraving system allows players to imbue their gear with additional powers, significantly altering the gameplay dynamics.
  • This system has led to some imbalances between classes, with Hunters notably benefiting from these changes.

Hunter's Scorpid Companions

  • Hunters have gained an edge thanks to their Scorpid companions, enabling them to destroy enemies with ease.
  • A player shared their shock on Reddit after witnessing a Hunter effortlessly dismantle mobs with skull portraits, indicating a much higher level.

Why Hunters Are Dominating

Ranged Weapon Advantage

  • Hunters' use of ranged weapons plays a crucial role in their dominance.
  • Ranged attacks bypass the increased chance of enemy mobs to parry or dodge, a common issue when facing higher-level opponents.

No Glancing Blows

  • Ranged attacks are not subject to glancing blows, ensuring that successful hits deal full damage.
  • Combined with the power of the Scorpid pet, Hunters can achieve remarkable feats in the game.

Community Reaction and Debate

The Hunter's newfound power has sparked significant debate within the WoW community. Some players recall past instances where Hunters protested nerfs to their damage output, indicating a history of the class being at the forefront of DPS discussions.

Potential Class Balancing

  • With ongoing class balancing, Hunters are likely to face further nerfs in the future.
  • The DPS landscape is expected to evolve as the game progresses through later phases.


The "Season of Discovery" in "World of Warcraft" has brought unexpected changes to the class dynamics, with Hunters currently enjoying a period of dominance. Their ability to tackle high-level mobs with relative ease has left many players stunned and sparked discussions about class balance. As the season continues, it will be interesting to see how Blizzard addresses these imbalances and how the Hunter class adapts to potential adjustments.

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