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WoW Classic's Season of Discovery: Doubling Down on Fun with XP Boosts and Half-Price Mounts!


WoW Classic's Season of Discovery is shaking things up with game-changing updates. From XP boosts to more affordable mounts and a revamped Molten Core raid, there's never been a better time to explore Azeroth.


World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery is back with a bang, introducing a slew of updates that promise to rejuvenate the classic WoW experience. As Phase 2 progresses, players are finding themselves at a new level cap of 40, facing the familiar challenges of XP and gold grinds with a fresh perspective. But fear not, adventurers, for the developers have some exciting plans up their sleeves to ease your journey through Azeroth.

A Season for Discovery... and Alts!

The Season of Discovery (SoD) has always been about spicing things up in the classic WoW universe. With its innovative approach to gameplay, including phase-by-phase level caps, new abilities, and unconventional raid compositions, SoD breathes new life into the beloved MMORPG. The latest developer update has unveiled some significant changes designed to make your adventures in Azeroth even more thrilling.

Discoverer's Delight: Catching Up Has Never Been Easier

One of the highlights of the update is the enhancement of the Discoverer's Delight XP buff. Originally a 50% boost that halted at level 24, the buff has now been supercharged to a whopping 100% from levels 1-39. This change, initially slated for the launch of Phase 3, has been expedited to help players catch up to the current phase's content more efficiently. Whether you're leveling alts or diving back into the game after a break, this XP boost is a welcome boon that makes reaching the latest content less daunting.

Mount Up Without Breaking the Bank

In classic WoW, acquiring a mount at level 40 is a rite of passage, symbolizing hours of dedication and gold grinding. However, the SoD team has decided to lighten this load by slashing mount prices in half. This significant price reduction, coupled with a buff to quest cash rewards, aims to make leveling and questing more rewarding and financially viable. Now, players can enjoy the thrill of galloping through Azeroth on their mounts without the heavy burden of saving up a small fortune.

Molten Core Reimagined: A Tighter, More Tactical Challenge

The update also brings exciting news for raiders with the announcement of a 20-player Molten Core raid. This decision to downsize from the traditional 40-player format addresses the logistical challenges faced by raiding communities, offering a more accessible and manageable raiding experience. While the prospect of overhauling all 40-player raids to 20-player versions presents technical challenges, the adjustment to Molten Core serves as a promising experiment in creating a more cohesive and strategic raiding environment.

The Future of Season of Discovery

As the SoD team continues to experiment with bold changes, the future of WoW Classic looks brighter and more dynamic. Discussions around adjusting other raids and enhancing the level 60 ecosystem hint at a commitment to keeping the game fresh, challenging, and rewarding. With a focus on creativity and player freedom, the Season of Discovery stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of World of Warcraft Classic, offering veterans and newcomers alike a chance to experience Azeroth in new and exciting ways.


The Season of Discovery's latest updates are a game-changer for WoW Classic enthusiasts, promising an adventure filled with challenges, rewards, and unexpected twists. With the doubling of XP gains, more affordable mounts, and the innovative reimagining of Molten Core, the SoD team is committed to enriching the classic WoW experience. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a curious newcomer, now is the perfect time to dive into the world of Azeroth and discover all the wonders it has to offer.

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