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Inside WoW: The War Within – Designing for Claustrophobia in Underground Zones


World of Warcraft has long been celebrated for its expansive and immersive environments. However, with the new expansion, The War Within, the game ventures deep underground, presenting unique challenges not only in gameplay but in environmental design. One of the primary concerns tackled by the development team was the potential for claustrophobia in these subterranean settings. In a recent interview, the game's director shared insights into how these issues were addressed to ensure a comfortable and engaging experience for all players.

The Challenge of Underground Zones

"The War Within" introduces players to extensive underground zones, a first of its kind in such scale for World of Warcraft. Creating these zones posed a significant challenge: designing enclosed spaces that do not trigger claustrophobia, while maintaining the adventurous feel that is a hallmark of the game.

Player Feedback and Concerns

Early in the development process, feedback from player communities indicated a potential issue with the underground environments causing feelings of claustrophobia. The design team took this feedback seriously, recognizing that the success of the expansion would hinge on players feeling comfortable within these new spaces.

Innovative Design Strategies

To combat the feeling of being enclosed, the WoW team implemented several innovative design strategies aimed at creating a sense of openness within the inherent limitations of underground environments.

Expanding Visual Space

  • Verticality: One method used was to increase the vertical space in caverns and tunnels. High ceilings in key areas help to create an illusion of openness.
  • Lighting Techniques: Strategic lighting was crucial. Soft, ambient light sources mimic natural bioluminescence, while brighter, focused lights highlight pathways and points of interest, helping to guide the player’s eye and create a sense of depth and spaciousness.

Use of Color and Texture

  • Varied Palette: Instead of monotonous rock colors, the zones feature a diverse palette including blues, greens, and purples, drawing from mineral and crystal inspirations to provide visual relief.
  • Textural Diversity: The use of different textures helps differentiate areas within the underground zones, giving each its own character and reducing the monotony that can enhance claustrophobic feelings.

Community Engagement and Iterative Design

Recognizing the importance of community feedback, the WoW team engaged with players through forums, beta testing, and direct surveys to gather impressions and improve the zones iteratively.

Feedback Loops

  • Beta Testing: During beta testing, players experienced the underground zones firsthand, providing feedback that was crucial to final adjustments.
  • Adjustments in Real-Time: The team made real-time adjustments based on this feedback, tweaking everything from the size of the zones to the ambient sounds used.

Psychological Considerations

Understanding the psychological impact of game environments was another crucial aspect of the design process. The team consulted with psychologists to understand how different spatial designs can affect player perceptions and feelings of comfort.

Ensuring Player Comfort

  • Escape Routes: Ensuring that players always have a clear path forward or an escape route visible was a priority. This helps reduce anxiety by providing a sense of control.
  • Landmarks: Introducing recognizable landmarks within the underground zones aids in navigation, reducing the stress of feeling lost or trapped.


The thoughtful design of the underground zones in World of Warcraft: The War Within showcases Blizzard’s commitment to player experience and accessibility. By addressing the potential for claustrophobia through innovative design and continuous player engagement, the team has set a new standard for inclusive game design. As WoW continues to explore new terrains and challenges, the lessons learned from The War Within will undoubtedly influence future expansions and designs.

FAQs About Designing WoW's Underground Zones

  1. What were the main design challenges for The War Within’s underground zones?
    • The main challenges were avoiding a claustrophobic atmosphere and ensuring the zones felt open and inviting.
  2. How did the design team use lighting in the underground zones?
    • Lighting was used strategically to create depth and guide players, utilizing both ambient and focused light sources.
  3. Were players involved in the design process?
    • Yes, player feedback was integral to the design process, with adjustments made based on beta testing and direct surveys.
  4. What psychological considerations were taken into account?
    • The design team consulted with psychologists to understand how spatial designs can affect emotions and incorporated features like escape routes and landmarks to ensure comfort.
  5. Can players expect similar design approaches in future WoW expansions?
    • The lessons learned from designing The War Within’s underground zones will likely influence

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