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Mastering Renown in WoW's Plunderstorm: A Complete Guide

World of Warcraft's latest update introduces Plunderstorm, a thrilling Battle Royale-style event that challenges players to increase their Renown. Whether you're a seasoned fighter or a strategic survivor, this guide will navigate through the most effective ways to maximize your Renown gains, helping you unlock exclusive rewards like transmog items, pets, and mounts.

Understanding Plunderstorm and Renown

Plunderstorm isn't just about survival; it’s about amassing Plunder. In this Battle Royale mode, your goal is to collect as much Plunder as possible, which directly affects your Renown levels. With 40 levels to conquer, each requiring a hefty sum of 2500 Plunder, knowing the best strategies is crucial​​.

Strategies for Maximizing Renown

  1. Team Up and Conquer: Join forces in Duos mode where you can share Plunder gains, making it easier to accumulate the needed resources quickly​.
  2. Focus on Survival and Kills: Longer survival times and securing kills will both contribute significantly to your Plunder tally. Staying out of early conflicts to build your strength and capabilities can be a wise tactic, then turning aggressive once you’re adequately equipped.
  3. Engage in PvE and Quests: For those who prefer PvE, focusing on farming mobs, opening Golden Chests, and completing quests like the Captain’s Orders can boost your Plunder gains. Each match and daily quest offers substantial Plunder rewards, making them worth the effort​​.
  4. Utilize Efficient Farming Techniques: Mastering your character's abilities and choosing the right spells can increase the speed at which you defeat enemies and collect Plunder, especially in less contested areas of the map​​.

Leveraging Events and Rewards 

It’s essential to take advantage of various in-game events that can temporarily increase your Plunder gains. Paying attention to event timings can help you plan your sessions for maximum efficiency.


Rising through the ranks in WoW's Plunderstorm requires both strategic play and a keen understanding of the Battle Royale mechanics. By focusing on team play, optimizing your survival tactics, and actively participating in PvE activities and quests, you can swiftly increase your Renown. Gather your gear, team up with allies, and set forth on your quest for glory and rewards in the ever-challenging world of Plunderstorm.

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