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World of Warcraft Hotfixes for May 28, 2024: Key Changes and Updates


World of Warcraft (WoW), Blizzard Entertainment's iconic MMORPG, continuously evolves with regular updates and hotfixes. The latest set of hotfixes, released on May 28, 2024, addresses a variety of game aspects from class balance to quest fixes, enhancing overall gameplay. This article delves into the key changes and updates introduced in these hotfixes, ensuring players are well-informed and ready to optimize their gameplay experience.

Class Adjustments

Blizzard has made several adjustments to classes in this latest round of hotfixes, aiming to enhance balance and improve overall gameplay.


  • Thoughtsteal: This ability can no longer be canceled. It no longer causes the casting Priest to learn a spell they already know (e.g., a Shadow Priest stealing Vampiric Touch from another Shadow Priest). The target of Thoughtsteal still loses access to the stolen ability.
  • Developers’ Notes: These changes resolve an issue where Priests could lose access to existing abilities after casting Thoughtsteal.

Death Knight

  • Desecration: Fixed an issue where Desecration was not being removed by Bladestorm.


  • Leader of the Pack: The tooltip now correctly states that the Druid's melee critical strikes in Cat and Bear form cause them to heal for 4% of their total health (previously incorrectly showed 5%).


  • Primate Hunter Pets: These pets now correctly understand that they cannot move while using their Bad Manner ability and will successfully cast the spell without interrupting themselves.
  • Furious Howl: This ability will no longer stack with other % Crit chance increases such as Leader of the Pack and Rampage.

Player versus Player Adjustments

PvP gameplay continues to receive fine-tuning to maintain a balanced and competitive environment.


  • Thoughtsteal: As mentioned, changes ensure that Priests do not lose access to their abilities after casting Thoughtsteal, maintaining balance and fairness in PvP encounters.

Quest Updates

Several quests have been updated to address bugs and improve player experience.

  • "Forget Her Not": Verdisa has moved a few feet away from an important location for this quest, ensuring smoother completion for players.

WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

On May 24, several changes were deployed as part of the WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria event.

  • New Quests: Three new quests now grant Bronze to player-characters upon reaching levels 50, 60, and 70. These quests are only available to players who did not kill many Gulp Frogs during the first three days of the event.
  • Cloak of Infinite Potential: For player-characters who killed many Gulp Frogs during the initial days of the event, the power of their Cloak of Infinite Potential has been reduced to a level that a very engaged player could reasonably achieve.

Cataclysm Classic

Several fixes have been implemented in Cataclysm Classic to address ongoing issues.

  • Glubtok in Normal Deadmines: Fixed an issue causing Glubtok to summon adds incorrectly.
  • Guild Profession Achievements: Fixed issues with many guild profession achievements not tracking as expected.
  • Twin Peaks Battleground: This battleground is temporarily unavailable while some issues are addressed.

Season of Discovery

The Season of Discovery brings updates to item drops in Sunken Temple, making them more rewarding and caster-friendly.

  • Item Updates: Many items that drop in Sunken Temple have been updated to be better for casters. Several previously non-Epic items are now Epic quality, and in many cases, stats have been added or increased.


The May 28, 2024, hotfixes for World of Warcraft bring a host of important changes and updates aimed at improving class balance, PvP fairness, quest completion, and overall gameplay experience. These adjustments reflect Blizzard's ongoing commitment to maintaining and enhancing the game, ensuring that players continue to enjoy a dynamic and engaging world. Stay tuned for future updates as World of Warcraft continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of its player base.


What are the major class changes in the May 28, 2024, hotfixes?

Key class changes include fixes for Priests, Death Knights, Druids, and Hunters, addressing balance issues and improving overall gameplay.

What PvP adjustments were made in this hotfix?

Priest's Thoughtsteal has been adjusted to prevent loss of abilities, ensuring fair play in PvP encounters.

Which quests received updates in this hotfix?

The quest "Forget Her Not" received adjustments to improve completion, with Verdisa moving away from an important location.

What changes were made in the WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria event?

Three new quests now grant Bronze to players reaching levels 50, 60, and 70, with specific conditions related to Gulp Frogs. The Cloak of Infinite Potential's power has been adjusted for certain players.

What fixes were implemented in Cataclysm Classic?

Issues with Glubtok in Normal Deadmines and guild profession achievements were fixed, and the Twin Peaks battleground was temporarily disabled for issue resolution.

What updates were made in the Season of Discovery?

Item drops in Sunken Temple were updated to be better for casters, with several items upgraded to Epic quality and stats improved.

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